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Tony Laumberg

Tony Laumberg is a passionate man. He is passionate about the law – having been in practice almost forty years. He is passionate about his golf game- he plays twice every week and is keen to get his handicap down. And he is passionate about his writing. He has written some 13 plays, mostly with a legal bent, and he has produced everyone of them himself.

His plays drew the attention of producer and theatrical agent David Spicer who put Tony Laumberg on his books. This led to a Tasmanian Theatre Company, the Ulverstone Repertory Theatre Society,  getting in touch with David last year to get permission to put  on his play ‘Bondi Legal’.

For the first time Tony wasn’t the producer. Tony was used to being in total control of every aspect of the production. The Company invited him down, paying for his flight and accommodation,  to see the play which was performed for five weeks.  Tony was very happy with the production which he saw two times. He was very impressed with the way the play actually took place in a court room. Continue reading A PROFILE : LAWYER AND PLAYWRIGHT TONY LAUMBERG


BONDI LEGAL has been written by Sydney lawyer and playwright Tony Laumberg.

Hapless anxiety prone lawyer Brad Pitt ( no relation ) turns up to fill in for the day for a lawyer on holiday and is thrust unprepared into a complex court hearing. In the case a Bondi mother is suing a chemical giant because her daughter’s show pony was ravaged by the company’s cleaning product.

Facing a lawyer who resembles a rottweiler and a scowling magistrate, Brad Pitt has to overcome the odds including a strange habit of passing out and waking up thinking he is a gorilla. Can he win the case on his own, or will some hypnosis get him over the line?

This tenth anniversary production of BONDI LEGAL is fresh from a sell out tour of Tasmania. At the premiere it was described by Stage Whispers Magazine as “a funny and touching play.”

The comedy is based on an actual court case Tony Laumberg took on when he was a young solicitor.

October 11 – 26 at the Bondi Pavilion

For more about Bondi Legal, visit https://www.bonditheatrecompany.com.au
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Geoff Sirmai and Brigid O'Sullivan
Geoff Sirmai as Ahmed and Brigid O’Sullivan as Rhonda in THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE LAWYER

Henry Crowley is a prominent Sydney CBD lawyer.  Pompous and pragmatic, he lives with his wife, Margaret, in the safe, conservative suburb of St. Ives.

Henry, unaware of his wife’s previous job with ASIO, is also unaware that it is Margaret who wears the trousers in their marriage.  She announces, over several martinis, that she has decided to take in an Iranian refugee from an Indonesian boat, awaiting the outcome of his asylum application, and introduces Ahmed Zahedi, a mathematics professor with a penchant for the theatrical.

Ahmed has already moved in, much to Henry’s horror, particularly as Henry is being interviewed for a feature article by a ruthless journalist from the Financial Review, Rhonda Harper.  Before Rhonda arrives at their home, Henry’s cousin from Queensland, Micky Crowley, also arrives at their usually tranquil doorstep.  Micky is a harmless, but obnoxious chronic gambler, badly dressed in shorts and thongs.

This is a wonderful entrée into a very effective comedy of errors.  The actors all bring fresh and funny idiosyncrasies to their characters.  Mark McCann is particularly enjoyable as bombastic Henry, Tricia Youlden brings great comic timing to her calm and controlling Margaret.  Geoff Sirmai plays a quirky, eccentric Ahmed, Marc Kay brings vulnerability to a reckless and clumsy Micky and Brigid O’Sullivan is fabulous as the scheming journalist Rhonda.

This play is the 13th collaboration between writer Tony Laumberg and director Richard Cotter.  Ten of these have been the well-known ‘Lawyer’ comedies, which have developed quite a cult following, particularly amongst Sydney’s theatre-going legal fraternity.  Laumberg is not only a talented writer, but has a legal practice in his spare time!  The play is well written and highly enjoyable under the clever direction of Cotter.  What impressed me about the play is the lack of racism and clichés.  The humour is inoffensive to all the characters that are represented, bringing a sense of balance to the comedy.

THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE LAWYER plays the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, from Thursday 10th October to Sunday 27th October.