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Image by Pact Centre For Emerging Artists

Sadly unable to attend LOVE SONG DEDICATIONS (WITHOUT RICHARD MERCER) on the night I had nominated to go with my friends, I texted next day to see what the show had been like.  “Energetic and clever and the finale is amazing!” one thumbed back, with appropriate emoticons.  Having actually got to the show this evening, my work here is pretty much done . . . because that’s what I saw too.   Doubly sadly, I don’t have emoticons but in general terms    . . .  :-):-):-) . . .

For anyone confused o.0.0.o  by the name of the show  . . . Richard Mercer was a radio host who had a show called Love Song Dedications which ran 3 hours on a weeknight, late, for 17 years.  It was a much loved program and all sorts of people would ring and dedicate, obviously, a love song.  And the host was warm with a unique baritone voice that men, women, young, old poured their heart out to. The show ended in 2013 with Trisha Yearwood’s ‘How Do I Live (Without You)?‘         Continue reading LOVE SONG DEDICATIONS (WITHOUT RICHARD MERCER): A CURE FOR ALL ILLS


Images by Benjamin Brockman
The games children play in Emily Calder’s COUGH. Images by Lucy Parakhina

Emily Calder’s play commences with three children, represented by children’s toy dolls, playing in a sandpit. These dolls are manipulated by three actors who also adopt children’s voices for the dialogue, initially about an insignificant playground struggle. A patronising offstage childcare voice (Sandra the centre manager) reprimands the children about their squabble.

The three actors manipulating the dolls then step back from the sandpit and play the parents of Jess, Isla and Finlay. The parents, Julie (Melissa Brownlow), Isabelle (Vanessa Cole) and Clive (Tim Reuben), wonderfully represent the parents of young children. They discuss the behaviour of their fantastic children, the good and bad aspects of the other parents and all the usual topics of schoolyard discussion.

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