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Endgame @ Sydney Theatre

Endgame- inset
Sarah Peirse as Nell and Bruce Spence as Nagg in Samuel Beckett’s ENDGAME. Production pics by Lisa Tomasetti

A Samuel Beckett night at the theatre is like no other. One is just taken over by his bold, raw take on life. Even after all these years, one is still gobsmacked, stunned, by what one is taking place on stage. The experience is like being set upon by the coldest, bleakest wind.

So it is with Andrew Upton’s lucid, prescient production of one of Beckett’s greatest works, ENDGAME. Continue reading Endgame @ Sydney Theatre

Son Of A Gun

Son of a Gun minor (6)

SON OF A GUN is a tense heist thriller, prison drama, love story, double crossing, crime gang, character driven movie.

What sets this movie apart from the usual explosive action films are the well drawn, engaging characters. It is not so much a good versus evil film as a straight out baddies film.

The main characters are all criminals although we do sympathise with some of them, mainly those on the side of Brendan Lynch, menacingly played by the wonderful Ewan McGregor. Continue reading Son Of A Gun