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Moira Blumenthal

For the past five years Shalom  and director Moira Blumenthal have co-produced a quality work of theatre for ever hungry Sydney theatre audiences. In 2014 it was Aaron Posner’s stage adaptation of Chaim Potok’s novel ‘The Chosen’ which played a theatre set up within Shalom College’s Educational Centre. In 2015 it was Arthur Feinsod’s ‘Coming to see Aunt Sophie’ at the Fig Tree Theatre UNSW. In 2016 it was ‘My Name is Asher Lev’, another stage adaptation by Aaron Posner of a Chaim Potok novel which played the Eternity Playhouse. Last year  it was South African playwright Victor Gordon’s ‘You will not play Wagner’ again at the Eternity.

This year, in an exciting development, the offering is the Australian premiere of a play by an internationally acclaimed Australian playwright whose work isn’t performed enough in his home country. The play is ‘The Man in the Attic’ by Timothy Daly. Daly’s play has a fascinating scenario inspired by true events. A  Jewish man is hidden by a German couple during the latter days of the Nazi regime. (Historical records indicate that over 11,000 Jews were hidden in attics, cellars and basements during the Second World War). Continue reading MOIRA BLUMENTHAL CHATS ABOUT ‘THE MAN IN THE ATTIC’

RICHARD 111 (or almost)

Gerry Sont (Guy) and Lucas Connolly(Bernard). Pic Darcy McDonnell

Director Marcus Weber told the audience before we went in last night that we were ‘privileged to see this play after its acclaimed premier season in France and now, finally on an Australian stage’. He also said it was ‘a pity that Australian Playwrights often have to work overseas’ for recognition.

I thought at the time that ‘privileged’ was quite a claim – but we were. This was easily the best play I’ve seen this year.

Continue reading RICHARD 111 (or almost)