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Thom Pain (Based On Nothing)

David Jeffreys gives a strong performance in Will Eno's poignant play
David Jeffrey gives a strong performance in Will Eno’s poignant play

Make no mistake. Thom Pain is not based on Thomas Paine, the great American political activist, theorist and revolutionary.

Thom Pain is based on nothing. It’s in the title. In parentheses. And besides, Thomas Paine spelt his name with an ā€œeā€. Though it was silent.

There’s not much silent about Thom Pain. He’s garrulous, though partial to the pause. For effect.

And very affecting it is.

Thom Pain enters the black box of the space in suit and loosened tie. We can’t see him, but we sense him in the dark. He tries to light a cigarette a couple of times without success. He can’t see the audience, but he senses it.

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