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An intimate, rich and inspiring concert presented by The Song Company and Jewish Arts, this features soprano Roberta Diamond and harpist Hannah Lane.They had a splendid rapport.

The title of the program comes from the song ESPERAR, SENTIR, MORIR  (which can be translated as – to hope, to feel, to die).
The concert presented Baroque and Renaissance music of the Iberian Peninsula , traditional exquisite Sephardic melodies and its affect that spread throughout Europe.

Most of the works presented were romantic in subject, passionate and tender, depicting both the highs and lows of love and loss. The traditional Sephardic melodies of exquisite beauty, rarely if ever performed here in Australia were interspersed  with theatre music from the Spanish Golden Age.

The songs ranged from joyous and exuberant to fiery, sad and wistful for example ‘Triste está el rey David’. (King David mourning the death of his son Absalo ), ‘Vuestros ojos’ with its bounding jumping rhythm as well as the reflective ‘Sé que me muero ‘(I know I’m dying) by Jean-Baptiste Lully and the memorable ‘Aura tiema, amorosa’ (Tender, loving breeze) by Juan Francisco Gòmez, the last two duets with Lane, both from the 17th century.
Diamond , who specialises in the interpretation of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music with a flourishing international career, sang with a charming, supple voice, expertly creating rhythmic lines. In songs like seventeenth-century composer Jose Marin’s ‘No piense Menguilla ya’ we heard an assured fashioning of the melodic line. The balance between voice and harp was deftly created, her solos performed with great precision.

Lane, who frequently performs with many leading ensembles throughout Australia and Europe, playing the Baroque triple harp, was also featured in captivating solos. (This particular style of harp consists of three parallel rows of strings instead of the now more ‘standard’ single row). At times the music sounded like raindrops, at other times there was an unfolding circling rhythm , or  the contemplative, rippling (1510 – 1566) ‘Ancor che col partire’ (Even with leaving) by Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566 ) from the 16th century was just one highlight.

A delicate yet passionate concert . I look forward to further concerts coming up.

Running time just over an hour.



The 2019 Sydney Festival has started with a bang and one of the major events is the Australian premiere of La Passion de Simone . Written by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, with a libretto in French by Amin Maaloufit it is presented at Carriageworks by Sydney Chamber Opera in association with The Song Company.

Musically and visually superb, it is a powerful and hypnotic production.Directed by Imara Savage it looks at the life of Simone Weil , who was an intellectual, Marxist and pacifist, philosopher, political activist and mystic whose despair at the course of world events led her to starve herself and pass away in 1943 aged just 34. Weil died of tuberculosis after weakening herself by fasting in sympathy with the starving people of France, having spent the preceding decade travelling through Nazi Germany and revolutionary Spain in an attempt to understand the causes and nature of oppressive régimes.

After involvement in the Spanish Civil War, Weil, a secular Jew, converted to Christianity, fleeing France with her family during World War II and working with the French Resistance from London.

The show is based in the Passion Play tradition with episodes of Weil’s life linked to the Stations of the Cross. One scene includes how she worked for a while in a factory among the oppressed workers then rejected the robotic, virtually forced labour. Continue reading LA PASSION DE SIMONE @ CARRIAGEWORKS

Walsh Bay Arts Table 2016 – Tuesday November 8

Arts Table Dinner 5 course degustation in the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s most memorable arts industry fundraiser, the Walsh Bay Arts Table Dinner is a 5 course degustation created on a volunteer basis by 5 chefs of the Walsh Bay arts and dining hub.

Guests are seated at a long table spanning the length of Pier 2 at Walsh Bay in the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Each chef has selected a stand out cool climate wine from among the new Southern Highlands Food and Wine Clusters to complement their signature dish and winemakers will join guests at the table.

Guests will be treated to rare pop up performances by The Song Company ensemble directed by celebrated British composer and conductor Antony Pitts.

Tickets are $180pp available from www.walshbaysydney.com/artstable and all proceeds will enable The Song Company to continue to nurture young talent.

This great arts charity event will take place on Pier 2, 13 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay on Tuesday November 8 between 6.30 pm and 10 pm.

For more about Walsh Bay Arts Table 2016, visit http://www.walshbaysydney.com/artstable
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