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Dominic Zarowny ‘Plastic Coffin’ at the Shac Gallery

MADE IN AMERICA is a new series of 11 paintings by Polish-born artist Dominik Zarowny. Using acrylic paint on salvaged cotton primed with gesso, Zarowny responds to the clear imperative to revise how the U.S.A is seen and represented on a personal level, culturally and globally.

MADE IN AMERICA reminisces on the desolation of the American dream, from the artist’s perspective as part of the first generation to grow up in post-Communist Poland. Throughout the 1990s, American TV and cinema had a strong cultural influence in Poland and the wider world, as a benchmark for freedom, opportunity, heroism, wealth, and success. Zarowny caricatures the U.S.A’s subsequent self- destruction, rendering the hypocrisy of “the land of the free” with darkly cartoonish figures and rapid, intuitive brushwork. Continue reading DOMINIC ZAROWNY ‘MADE IN AMERICA @ THE SHAC