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THE REMOVALISTS @ King Street Theatre

THE REMOVALISTS is one of David Williamson’s first and most influential plays, an iconic Australian play of the seventies dealing with domestic violence issues, that are still with us in 2015.

The Epicentre Theatre Company’s current revival features a  very well chosen cast that is well able to deal with the emotional and physical demands of the script.

We witness how people play word games with each other to win each situation, but each with their own subversive reasons, in this vivid exploration of the changing roles of women and men.

The play starts inside the Police Station with two policemen, in a crime ridden suburb of Melbourne. One officer has been in the Police Force for 23 years and is corrupt whilst the other is freshly-trained and nervous, on his first day on the job. They are called on a job to help two sisters, one of whom has been badly beaten by her partner. Continue reading THE REMOVALISTS @ King Street Theatre


Marital disharmony in Williamson’s classic play

Last night at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre was a classic night of Australian theatre with the benefit of current skills and finesse that has come from forty years of experience and maturing in theatre production. I’m sure the Williamson’s enjoyed, as we did, the masterful interpretation, presentation and performance of this timeless piece.

Director Leland Kean says in his program note that his challenge to himself was to “approach the work from as fresh a perspective as possible.” and “…a lot of the issues that he (Williamson) was discussing in 1971 are as relevant if not more relevant today.” David Williamson, in the Press release, was “…very relieved that the play is being presented as happening in the seventies.”

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