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DARK VOYAGER @ The Pavilion Theatre, Doran Drive, Castle Hill

Welcome into the lives and rivalries of the screen heroines Joan Crawford and Bette Davis – and for good measure add Marilyn Monroe to the mix. The top-notch cast brought  this delicious bitchy comedy-drama, not to the screen but to a most appreciate audience on opening night of Castle Hill Players latest production, Dark Voyager by John Misto.                         Continue reading DARK VOYAGER @ The Pavilion Theatre, Doran Drive, Castle Hill


Photos: Chris Lundy

A classic “who-dunnit”, this murder mystery farce by Charles Dyer, is an excellent end to Castle Hill Players highly successful 2017 season. It is set in some unspecified time in the past in the recently deceased Mr Barraclough’s gloomy mansion on the day of his funeral. Amongst the stormy weather in this isolated spot a cast of suspicious characters are assembled for the reading of his will. Two solicitors, Mr Blundell, played by Ben Freeman and Mr Mickleby, played by Jono Burt arrive, but are initially mistaken as undertakers and so the laughter begins. Their spot on timing and clever slapstick routines continue throughout the play.

Gathered at the house are the highly unpleasant stepdaughter Faith Barraclough, expertly played by Leigh Scanlon, Mabel the maid played with ingenious innocence by Holky Bramble, Agnes the hapless and worried cook portrayed by Anthea Brown, Anne Beale the secretary complete with seductive outfit and gorgeous hairdo, played most convincingly by Samantha Camilleri and Ted Johnson the somewhat threatening and sinister chauffeur, played by Ian Fletcher. Continue reading WANTED ONE BODY :CASTLE HILL PLAYERS ENDS THE YEAR WITH A MURDER MYSTERY

Daylight Saving @ The Pavilion Theatre


Nick Enright’s 1989 play DAYLIGHT SAVING is a great night’s entertainment at the Pavilion Theatre.

The play is set in the late 1980s on the first day of summer, when the clocks change and Sydney-siders gain an extra hour to live their dreams or perhaps be caught out. Enright delves into unhappy marriages and questions what it is that makes us lonely even in the midst of others. However this is not a drama but a comedy, almost a farce, with a clever plot weaving its way among the characters and features plenty of very funny one-liners and astute observations.

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