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Tender Young Creatures

“Run”… “Run”… “Run”. Intoned tonelessly through the echoing space. “Run” . High pitched now. Urgent and urgently requiring action. The heart beats faster, only gravity holds you where you are. There’s a woman in danger. Run. Why don’t they run?

The Greeks knew it. They put Antigone in Creon’s care and Cassandra in Agamemnon’s bed. The Impressionists knew it. Manet put a naked woman centre stage in Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe … and then ignored her. Hell! Even Hitchcock would quote Sadou: “When in doubt, torture the heroine”.

Transmogrify the woman to a girl and the vulnerability is palpable and the fear response real.

TENDER YOUNG CREATURES is such a work. This theatre piece is a self-devised live installation by a 16 girl ensemble facilitated by three remarkable adult co-creators. It is experiential, absorbing and empowering.

Walking alone at night is the basis of the work. The blurred framework: Red Riding Hood. The power? The wolf inside. Continue reading TENDER YOUNG CREATURES @ RANDLE STREET SURRY HILLS