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Tess de Quincey

It is fitting that there was no moon tonight. Moonlight gently touches the skin on late nights in the backyard staring up. It glares in the sky when full and ahead of you travelling west to home. That great rich object makes me feel small and earth bound. I still feel small but tonight MOONDANCE has allowed me that slight levitation above what binds. Like a tide pulled in a predictable pattern, I have been lifted.

Choreographed and interpreted by Tess de Quincey this acclaimed dancework brings together the photographs of Vsevolod Vlaskine, animated into video by Samuel James with original audio by Vic McEwan. The work is described in the program as a ‘synaesthesia – the stimulation of one cognitive pathway leads to the automatic, involuntary experience in a second cognitive or sensory pathway.’ But its blending of terrestrial and celestial was a visceral experience for me. Continue reading TESS DE QUINCEY’S MOONDANCE @ HOLY TRINITY CHURCH ERSKINEVILLE

Bodies of Thought

Kirsty Ayr in FLOW. Pic by Artur Radeki
A pic from a production of Gideon Obarzanek’s early work, GLOW. Pic by Artur Radeki. A pic taken from Gary Stewart’s work DEVOLUTION

BODIES OF THOUGHT:- Twelve Australian Choreographers- Edited by Erin Brannigan and Virginia Baxter

Beautifully presented , lavishly illustrated with lots of glorious photos, BODIES OF THOUGHT looks at twelve award winning Australian  choreographers who have international reputations and have created influential legacies. The choreographers featured are : Kate Champion, Rosalind Crisp , Tess De Quincey ,Russell Dumas, Lucy Guerin, Sue Healey, Helen Herbertson, Gideon Obarzanek , Stephen Page , Gary Stewart , Meryl Tankard and Ros Warby .

It is interesting to note that in this case women outnumber men and that almost if not all the choreographers have held the position of Artistic Director, often of their own company. Continue reading Bodies of Thought