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Siri earned her money on the way home.

Hey Siri. I’m listening.  Give me a synonym for exuberant.

Hey Siri. I’m listening. Give me a synonym for compelling.

This part went on for quite a while as I managed to get electrifying , brilliant, fiery  and so forth out of my system.  Until I came to the sad realisation that I am out of superlatives for PLAYLIST. A show which is …  marvellous … not quite right … inspiring … nah … thrilling…nope.  Since I am an old lady and love to learn from our magnificent, inspiring, thrilling youth, I will simply say that PLAYLIST is “boss as fuck.”  Continue reading PLAYLIST: ELECTRIFYING AND EVERY SYNONYM THEREOF


production photos Felicity Tchorlian.

Nope…never done that.   Really, that’s a thing? Noooo…  It’s possible my inner monologue got the better of me during THE CAROUSEL playing at Kings Cross Theatre as part of their Step Up Festival.  It’s about sisters, you see, and I have only one brother, younger and still annoying.  So wisely, I took along with me a friend who is somewhat oversupplied with sisters.

In the end I didn’t actually need my friend’s advice.  THE CAROUSEL is so cleverly constructed and the performances so expertly placed that everyone is welcome to relate in this frantic, crazy, sneakily political sisterhood.  Judging from the amount of male laughter, you don’t need to be female either. Continue reading ‘THE CAROUSEL’: SISTERS STEP UP AT KXT

The Carousel: Part of KXT Step Up Festival

Photos: Felicity Tchorlian

A deadline.  A pet spider.  A bucket list budget.

THE CAROUSEL will play at the Kings Cross Theatre as part of the KXT Step Up Festival.  THE CAROUSEL is a new Australian play that explores the limits of unconditional love between sisters.

Christa and Jamie (Alex Francis and Tasha O’Brien) are sisters. Together they are embarking upon the treacherous transition between girlhood and womanhood. As girls they learn about the horrors of life, and as young women they inevitably start to live them. Christa wants Jamie to start living, Jamie refuses to leave the house. Continue reading The Carousel: Part of KXT Step Up Festival


Cristina in the Cupboard - photography by Katy Green Loughrey

A spellbinding experiment in comic magic realism by critically acclaimed Australian writer Paul Gilchrist, CRISTINA IN THE CUPBOARD comes to The Depot Theatre in Marrickville for a three week season in July. This story of an unusual retreat, and a remarkable victory plays 8pm Wed to Sat and 5pm Sun, 13 – 30 July 2016. Playful and provocative, CRISTINA IN THE CUPBOARD tells of one woman’s quest to live life entirely on her own terms.

Everyone needs time out. Not everyone does it like this. Cristina is a contemporary woman. Intelligent. Capable. But she’s not satisfied with what’s on offer. Life seems too small. So she takes the extraordinary step of withdrawing from society. Join Cristina on a breathtaking inner journey as she meets a host of fantastic, hyperbolic characters, navigates illusion, weathers dismay, and discovers wonder.

Paul Gilchrist is a Sydney-based writer and director. His work has been produced locally, interstate and overseas. He is the co-founder of subtlenuance, a company dedicated solely to the production of original Australian work. Originally produced by subtlenuance in 2013, this production is directed by Julie Baz (co-artistic director of The Depot Theatre) and designed by David Jeffrey (also co-artistic director), with assistant director, Lillian Silk and sound designer Thomas Moore. It features a terrific line up of some of Sydney’s indie theatre talent: Nyssa Hamilton, Teale Howie, David Jeffrey, Emily McGowan, Tasha O’Brien, Sarah Plummer, Lucy Quill and Rachael Williams.

The Depot Theatre is a not-for-profit theatre situated within and supported by the historic Addison Road Centre, a thriving inner west hub for culture, arts and the environment visited by over 200,000 people annually. The Depot Theatre challenges and entertains its audiences with theatre that is accessible, affordable and – most importantly – a really fun night out. Coming up next after CRISTINA IN THE CUPBOARD in their 2016 Season is the new Australian play, A NEST OF SKUNKS by James Balian & Roger Vickery and presented by Collaborations Theatre Group, followed by BIJOU – A CABARET OF SECRETS and Seduction, written and performed by Chrissie Shaw, presented by Small Shows Productions.

“The Depot Theatre punches well above its weight, presenting well-produced, confidently performed shows that both entertain and inspire.” WEEKEND NOTES

13-30 July – 8pm Wed-Sat, 5pm Sun

For more about Cristina in the Cupboard by Paul Gilchrist, visit http://thedepottheatre.com/cristina-in-the-cupboard
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Giveaway offer – The Depot Theatre is giving away two double passes to the 8pm Thurs 21 July performance of CRISTINA IN THE CUPBOARD. Email: –SAG CRISTINA to info@thedepottheatre.com to win.


Cristina 4

Cristina has decided upon a self imposed exile, to live in a cupboard incommunicado. She feels that modern life is shallow and inauthentic.

Cristina, excellently played by Emily McGowan, is going to stay in her cupboard and examine her life, her family, her friends and the impact of significant events in her upbringing. Cristina has taken a different approach than Socrates suggested. As Socrates supposedly said at his trial, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” He would rather die than live in exile unable to debate and engage with his students and fellow citizens.

Cristina is going to examine her life on her terms and only engage with the world outside her cupboard when she so decides. Continue reading CRISTINA IN THE CUPBOARD @ DEPOT THEATRE MARRICKVILLE