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No One Cares About Your Cat Coming To ATYP

L to R James Chapman, Sam De Lyall, Tamara Gazzard, Zoe Anderson, Jemima Webber
L to R James Chapman, Sam De Lyall, Tamara Gazzard, Zoe Anderson, Jemima Webber

Back in the early 90’s anyone seen walking down a street chatting into a small brick sized device held to an ear, was seen as a ‘poser’. I remember some friends being concerned that the overnight charging of the said small brick was a potential fire hazard. My friends also had fire blankets, a bucket of sand and fire extinguisher in every room of their house so that they were well prepared if the said brick did catch fire.

Fast-forward two decades and to not have a mobile phone welded to your hand and an online profile is now to be the weird one, labelling you a veritable Luddite.

A quick glance at statistics shows that mobile phone ownership took off around 2004, the same year Facebook was founded. So much has happened in ten years and we are going to see so much more in the next ten. Continue reading No One Cares About Your Cat Coming To ATYP

Lachlan Philpott’s THE CHOSEN

The Chosen - TANTRUM Youth Theatre

To be chosen by others always makes one feel special. To be the soloist, on the team, a friend, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a representative. Being singled out is a gift of self-worth that even the most bashful or shy enjoys.But what if your special chosen status is beyond the realms of belief by others? Your best friend, chosen by you, has a strong spiritual faith and belief in God but struggles with believing your stories of alien abduction and the theory that your father was taken as well.

Lachlan Philpott’s latest play, THE CHOSEN, is a multi-layered and deceptively complex work that focuses on the isolated Freya, played by a perfectly cast Belinda Hodgson. Recently relocated with her mum (Chloe McKinnon) and younger brother, Tiddy (Kelty O’Shea) to Grove Grammar in Brisbane from a list of other places, including Andromeda, Freya has become very used to her status as the bullied outcast at school. Her raging skin condition, which she attempts to hide by wearing jumpers in summer, makes her an instant target for the ubiquitous bullying tribe. Continue reading Lachlan Philpott’s THE CHOSEN



Paddle from England to Canada, down to South America, around the bottom of Australia, over to South Africa and back up to England. All on a Sunday afternoon, in a canoe, at Newcastle Ocean Baths. Eat an ice block then go home with blistering sunburn and sea lice. Perfect.

A giant map of the world at the paddling pool next door to the Newcastle Ocean Baths once provided just that experience.

Built during the 1930s, the continents that made up the ‘‘Young Mariners Pool’’ was a Depression Era initiative to provide employment for the jobless and entertainment for families. A local geography teacher was consulted and the map of the world was created out of concrete and installed in the pool.