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Photo: Wayne Quilliam

NAISDA Dance & Carriageworks proudly present: RESTORATION

Join the critically acclaimed NAISDA Dance College as they reconnect stories inherited through bloodline and shared through breath, restoring the ancient knowledge grounds for a new generation.

Witness the cultural dances of Moa Island alongside the work of celebrated Australian and international choreographers.

Directed by Helpmann Award Winning choreographer Frances Rings & featuring choreography by:

Sani Townson
Taiaroa Royal (NZ)
NAISDA Developing Artists

Based in Kariong, NAISDA Dance College is the training ground for the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers.

DATES : November 22-25

For more about RESTORATION, visit http://carriageworks.com.au/events/naisda-2017/

and : YouTube | Facebook