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THE SHADOW KING. Pic Prudence Upton

“Who is it that can tell me who I am?” asks Lear.

“Lear’s shadow”, replies the fool.

THE SHADOW KING is the apt title of an adaptation of King Lear by Tom E. Lewis and Michael Kantor.

Set in Northern Australia, THE SHADOW KING is the fulmination of a dream the two theatre practitioners have held dear – “to tell one of the foundation stories of contemporary Western civilisation but use it to question and probe contemporary indigenous experience.”

More than a mere palimpsest, THE SHADOW KING retains whole phrases from Shakespeare, sometimes translated into traditional tongues, cantilevered with the use of colloquial English.

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OTHELLO10OTHELLO THE REMIX, written, directed and music by GQ and JQ and developed with Rick Benyon, was a rap and hip hop version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

The production featured an all male cast who also cover the female roles.

Othello was played by the very talented Postell Pringle.

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