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Frances Rings: Photo by Jamie James

NAISDA Dance College, Australia’s premier Indigenous dance college, is partnering with Carriageworks for a fifth consecutive year from Wednesday November 21 to Saturday November 24 to present STORYPLACE. NAISDA’s 2018 Sydney season honours Indigenous women and the ” female creative force inherent in our landscape, art and stories and alive within the spirit of our young women today.”

The Guide had a chance to speak with the director: NAISDA’s Head of Creative Studies, Frances Rings.

SAG:                      It’s such a pleasure to speak with you.  I love the work of NAISDA and look forward to the showcase each year but some of our readers may not be aware. I wonder if we could start the beginning, if you could tell us a little bit about your wonderful college and the stunning work you do.

FRANCES:            NAISDA is a training organisation, an RTO. We train Indigenous students in all areas of dancing and performing arts. There’s formal training in units such as ballet, contemporary, urban, tumbling and also we have other units such as critical and creative thinking, dance on film and theory based units such as composition. We also do cultural dance from the mainland and from the Torres Strait Islands. Continue reading NAISDA: STORYPLACE. AN INTERVIEW WITH THE DIRECTOR