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This photo: Blazey Best, Director of KING OF PIGS Featured image: KING OF PIGS in rehearsal

It doesn’t take a psychology degree, to work out why I was so nervous when speaking to Blazey Best about her directing of KING OF PIGS, a new Australian play soon to open at the Old Fitz Theatre.  This is a woman of infinite talent whose performance work I have admired over many years.  This production will see Blazey with her directing hat on and I began our conversation by fangirling her.

She was so lovely.  “Sorry you’re nervous.  Don’t be nervous” she responded with a wonderful laugh … “I’m very kind.  How’s the weather where you are?”  And I immediately felt better!  Continue reading KING OF PIGS: AN INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR, BLAZEY BEST


Production photography: Clare Hawley

The program for YOU GOT OLDER speaks of love and grief but, for me, the richest part of the work is about courage.  When someone, and their family, suddenly joins ‘cancer club’ nothing stays as it was.  It’s the courage not to be bowed by the experience, physical, emotional and spiritual.  The courage to let some things slide and let some get away and take some on full tilt.  It might not feel like bravery at the time but for so many us, it is being able to continue a tradition with undiminished joy, not broken down by the overwhelming grief of loss.  That’s where we do honour, when we come to together to dance like no-one else is watching.  And this family has done it twice.

Mae is home.  In Wenatchee, driving distance to Seattle.  She has the luxury of being with her widowed Dad as he takes on his battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer because she has been dumped, and fired, by her boyfriend boss.  When Dad goes in for an aggressive treatment the other siblings gather. Jenny, little sister, Mathew, middle brother and Hannah, older sister. The play, though, is really the story of Mae and Dad.  And Mae’s psychosexual debasement fantasy intruder-cowboy who seems to be appearing to her, waking and sleeping.   There’s a real-life man too, local and available, Mac.  And he and Mae have tit-for-tat fetishes which may well make them ideal for each other. Continue reading YOU GOT OLDER: GRACE AND COURAGE TO INSPIRE