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Allan's Review
Joe Kernahan and Danielle Maas in SAY HELLO FIRST

Last Thursday night after wading through the pub patrons and a large group of Morris Dancers, I found my way downstairs to a little gem of a theatre and a little gem of a play.

Danielle Maas and Joe Kernahan displayed an impressive array of performance skills in presenting an enlightening, witty commentary on modern casual, and not so casual, relationships. With its wonderful multi-media set, spontaneous audience involvement and on the button currency, this show delighted the crowd with a laugh every second line.  The writing could be shortened a little perhaps toward the end.

It’s usually a good rule not to linger too long after the denouement or the most dynamic moments in a play. BUT, the impressive thing is that, as writer as well as performer, (devisor, dramaturg…), I’m guessing that Danielle Maas already has that in hand.

Incidentally, the audience is treated on their return to a ‘dress tease’ as tantalising as any of the opposite exercise that you are likely to see! The entire troupe including Jason Langley- Director, Sean Minahan- Set And Costume Designer, Alex Berlage- Lighting Designer, Stephen Penn- AV Designer, Margaret Davis- Dramaturg, Sophie Fairweather- Stage Manager/Performer, supported by the rest of the team,  seem to be a diamond mine of talent to produce such a multi-faceted show.

A final note on Danielle’s performance; actors are taught that Artistic Truth means that the performer doesn’t have to break their heart every night on stage. The audience just has to believe they do.  I was convinced.

SAY HELLO FIRST opened at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling Street, Wooloomooloo on Thursday 4th July and runs until Saturday 27th July, 2013.