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2014 Sydney Arts Guide Stage & Screen Awards

Bell Shakespeare's WINTERS TALE  2014 winner - Best stage production
Bell Shakespeare’s WINTERS TALE  2014 winner – Best stage production


Sydney Arts Guide is a key part of stage and film culture, and exists to celebrate the art of performance, in theatres and cinemas.

2014 was a year of amazing diversity, and our twenty accredited specialist reviewers, were all spoiled for choice in the quality of the live theatre performances to be experienced in the City of Sydney, and the suburbs of Sydney.

As the old adage goes, “live theatre is not dead theatre, as there is a different performance to be experienced every night”. Our team of professional reviewers, have each nominated their personal preferences for both theatre and cinema. A small number of movies were nominated out of the hundreds of cinema films that were seen during the last twelve months.

At the end of another outstanding year for the arts in Sydney, on Wednesday 31st December 2014, Sydney Arts Guide announced its 2014 awards in these Stage and Screen categories:-

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Son Of A Gun

Son of a Gun minor (6)

SON OF A GUN is a tense heist thriller, prison drama, love story, double crossing, crime gang, character driven movie.

What sets this movie apart from the usual explosive action films are the well drawn, engaging characters. It is not so much a good versus evil film as a straight out baddies film.

The main characters are all criminals although we do sympathise with some of them, mainly those on the side of Brendan Lynch, menacingly played by the wonderful Ewan McGregor. Continue reading Son Of A Gun