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Jeremy Brennan, Erikah Heynatz and Michael Griffiths. Photo Maria Lawrie
Jeremy Brennan, Erikah Heynatz and Michael Griffiths. Photo Maria Lawrie

Madonna was the latest diva to have her musical legacy given a Slide COVERGIRL makeover. A myriad of mash-ups, spoken word humour and perky performance art pieces made up the quality cabaret fare.

The sumptuously intimate ambience of Slide, bursting with Madonna fans plus celebrities housed this exciting tribute well. The dinner and show ticket-holders as well as crowds in the upper level gallery formed a formidable throng eager for the new vogue stories.

Madonna’s career started in a decade without tweets, Facebook posts, fast internet or smartphones. CDs were emerging as the shiny new audio device. The developing star’s songs were consistently effective and the everyday girl-to-superstar story continually shocked, motivated and energised many. Continue reading COVERGIRL : MADONNA @ SLIDE


BlacknGold dancers

Briana Bluebell, Miss Burlesque Australia 2012, has brought to the Slide Lounge a cheeky little cabaret show with an enthusiastic cast of two of each gender. But it was more than a fairly traditional version of burlesque. (I once visited the “Follies Bergere” in Paris and after three numbers I was hanging out for the punctuating sight acts!).

No there’s more: Ms Briana has a pleasing voice and I particularly liked “Young and Beautiful”. The dancers came alive from about the fifth number with the jazz and jive duos a standout. In the second act “Judas” and “The Best of You” were memorable.

I had a good night, notwithstanding the late start and a dirty glass accompanying my beer!

Worth seeing, BLAKnGOLD played at the Slide Lounge, 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst on 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.


Reuben Kaye hosts THE RING
Reuben Kaye made a great host in THE RING

Anyone who says they are not slightly transfixed by gladiator style sport is lying. With this in mind, MC Reuben Kaye offered us a handful of talented international cabaret and burlesque stars in back to back battle.

The result was a string of live and uncensored ‘battle rounds’ from true entertainers which made that recent reality TV phenomenon look like a preschool craft class.

Slick traditional burlesque from Vespa White morphed into queer, confronting and ultimately very funny burlesque work from Betty Grumble and Aaron Manhattan.

Standout vocal visitor for the night was Natalie Gamsu, who rocketed from the stage and beyond with her riveting version of Bowie’s Space Oddity. She was ably supported by the smooth JC Thomas Band, whose loungy list of originals and clever covers linked the night’s less relaxed moments together.

The comic cabaret of Sheridan Harbridge gave me the most pleasure I have had from a voice and ukelele act for some time. She was a subtle superpower on the side of the cabaret artists. Speaking of superpowers, Reuben Kaye was a formidable force as the MC. His smile and style just became more glamorous through his performances which featured quick adult one liners, self-deprecating quips and plenty of local jokes.

His fabulous voice in a tender rendering of Men At Work’s Land Down Under was a patriotic tribute. The venue resounded with applause and the weeping of punters nostalgic for gap year backpacking days.

The Ring was a tantalizing taste of many cabaret and burlesque possibilities. It was festival-worthy and shocked many of us out of our working-week rut.



Phil Scott in one of his favourite impersonations as PM Rudd
Phil Scott in one of his favourite impersonations as PM Rudd

An instantly endearing raconteur, Phil Scott the incredibly gifted musician with proven satirical skills presented a spontaneous, hilarious and at times musically spellbinding summary of his career thus far.

A trip through his professional life illuminated even the darkest, most challenging corners of a challenging industry.

Hit songs were parodied with delicious humour which was often not politically correct. Comic rewriting of famous performers’ work or styles ensured successful caricatures with elastic facial expressions from Scott.

Excerpts from his Liberace show dazzled with appropriate grins, accent and keyboard fireworks during Bernstein/ Mozart/ Tchaikovsky/ Boogie mash-ups.

A cross-eyed performance as Peter Allen in hysterical comic disguise was a great moment, as was a defiant and successful Piaf rewrite, Je ne Requeste Rien from his nights as a frustrated fledgling cabaret artiste.

The clever yet tender ballad Take Another Little Piece of my Art touched us as only middle class break ups can.

The initial entry alluding to the reality TV ‘Survivor’ franchise and using camouflage costume created much less impact than ensuing choices in the night.

This show was a full and varied justification of Phil Scott’s reputation in the local and international cabaret scenes. It was an honest and lighthearted look at the essence of the art form, and a fantastic night out in a fine Sydney venue.

PHIL SCOTT IS A CABARET SURVIVOR played for one night only at the Slide Lounge, 41 Oxford Street, Sydney as part of Slide’s current Cabaret Festival.