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This is the Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s first commissioned work. The Company wanted to put together a play that responded to the #MeToo movement that originally came out of America. The premise  was to document positive, articulate responses to the movement and detail some stories of the obstacles and struggles prominent Australian women have had in their own lives and careers .

What has resulted is ‘documentary’  theatre at its best. The voices of The Hon. Dr Anne Aly, Julia Bates AO, Dr Marion Blackwell AM, Pam Burridge, The Hon Julia Gillard AC, Nikki Keating, Professor Marcia Lanngton AM, Sister Patricia Madigan PHD and Erin Phillips came through as they each made important contributions to the night.

These  distinguished figures were played by a wonderful cast  of talented actresses. They were Gabrielle Chan, Shakira Clanton, Lynette Curran, Deborah Galanos and Emily Havea. Their performances were nothing short of exemplary.

As well as being the director Victory Midwinter Pitt was the lead writer and she was helped by Amelia Collingham, Michelle Lee, Maeve Marsden, Libby Wood and Jordan Raskopoulos.

This was a great  night at the theatre. See it if you possibly can.

I’M WITH HER is playing the Eternity Playhouse until Sunday  1 December, 2019 .  Running time just under 3 hours.













Shakira Clanton is outstanding In Henrietta Baird’s harrowing one-woman play, THE WEEKEND. She dances, swears, laughs and cries as she tells Lara’s story of her search, in various pockets of Redfern, for her wayward husband. She embodies the voices of a variety of women, men and children. These various characters are full of personality and contrasts. Drug use is prevalent in this community and Shakira captures the different levels of degradation apparent in their voices as she searches through some decrepit drug dens in the towers of Redfern. Her performance as Lara captures her humanity, foibles, humour and determination of this wonderfully written character.

This play focuses on the conflicts of a mother who loves her children and goes interstate for three weeks work so that she can provide for them. She leaves them in the care of her partner Simon, the children’s father, but his drug addiction leads him to abandoning the children. She has seen many admirable aspects of Simon but as she discovers the drug houses he frequents and the women he has relationships with she begins to realise more about the situation and about herself. Continue reading THE WEEKEND @ CARRIAGEWORKS


As the wafting smoke from the Welcome to Country drifts through the audience it seems to help me focus. It envelops so that the traffic speeding past seems distant. The smoke is pungent and yet soothing. It heightens my senses and increases my receptivity, yet several times during HOME COUNTRY I find little moments of wondering why I feel … whatever it is I am feeling.

HOME COUNTRY is the latest work from Urban Theatre Projects with Blacktown Arts Centre as part of the Sydney Festival. It is staged in Blacktown; it has three stories in a multi-storey carpark; it has a culturally diverse creative team of, writers, musicians, advisors, designers. But it is the actors who do the job here. They are a wonderful cast.

The first characters we meet are from the story BLACKTOWN ANGELS (Andrea James). Angel (Shakira Clanton) has been guarding the audience for quite a while, perched over us on the edge of one of the car park levels. What a presence this actor has. And then she begins to sing. What a voice! The words are unfamiliar but so beautifully rendered to be as enveloping as that smoke. Continue reading URBAN THEATRE PROJECTS PRESENTS ‘HOME COUNTRY’