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It’s a very crowded place the Sydney Independent Theatre scene and the necessity of creating your own work cannot be overstated.  Affordable venues are scarce and audiences are, in the main, discriminating.  So all credit to Bohemia Theatre for their production of WHITEWASH playing at Blood Moon Theatre, one of those venues whose availability makes new work accessible to Sydney theatregoers.

It is a venue which has limits though and WHITEWASH has bumped up against these and come off second best.  But it only required a small suspension of belief from the enthusiastic Opening Night audience to support a theatre company which manages to put 9 committed performers on a stage in show which has something to say.


Production photography by Phillip Erbacher.

‘To really get to know a person you have got to get inside a person’s skin and walk around a while.’ Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

This famous quote holds as true as ever.  We need to step outside of ourselves and into the ‘shoes’ of another human being to truly understand and accept them.

This is what British playwright Diane Samuels does with her play which explores what it was like to be a Kindertransport survivor. These were the Jewish children who the British Government rescued from the clutches of Nazism. Between the end of 1938 and the end of 1939 the British Government issued 10,000 permits  to get children out, minus their parents, and provide them with safe passage to England, where they were taken in by foster parents who were ‘charged with’ trying to bring order and stability back into their lives.

The play follows the journey of Eva from the time she leaves Germany for England to her own middle-age as a long established British resident with an inquisitive grown-up daughter who is demanding to know more about her long ago past., Samuels’ play also includes a non-naturalistic, symbolic level with the use of extracts from an an eerie children’s story, ‘The Rat Catcher’.

I found the  play authentic, and well served by Sandra Eldridge’s fine production. Sarah Greenwood as young Eva and Camilla Ah Kin as the adult Eva took us deeply into her world. Continue reading DIANE SAMUELS’ ‘KINDERTRANSPORT’ @ THE ETERNITY PLAYHOUSE