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Paper Planes

The inspirations for Robert Connolly's film-  James Norton left and  Dylan Parker right
The inspirations for Robert Connolly’s film-James Norton left and Dylan Parker right

Light as a feather, plain sailing and unapologetically old fashioned film fare, PAPER PLANES is an aeronautical origami featuring a central role by Ed Oxenbould and a top billing support slumbering turn by Sam Worthington.

Ed and Sam play son and father, Dylan and Jack, in the aftermath of losing their mother and wife.

The kid is coping better than the severely depressed dad and possesses a keen eye on the local feathered fauna. This ornithological interest transplants itself, osmosis like, in his ability to fold fabulous paper planes.
Such is the intuitive ingenuity of his aerodynamic designs, Dylan secures himself a spot in the national heats to contend for the world paper plane championships in Japan. Continue reading Paper Planes


Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington in AVATAR

James Cameron’s film is a big, showy entertainment which rolls over its own weaknesses and comes out a winner. No masterpiece, that’s for sure, but in the end this doesn’t matter. You get way-out scenery, tough-guy marines, blue-skinned aliens, big battles, a love story, a few laughs- why else do we watch movies, anyway?

Our hero is Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a wheelchair confined Marine (‘just a dumb grunt’, he calls himself). Jake gets the chance to go to the alien world Pandora, where the Marines are helping a large mining company to subdue the Na’vi, indigenous people who, for some oblique reason, are trying to stop the Earth people from ripping their planet to shreds.

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