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Sam Cosentino’s play SHADES OF LIGHT is both thought provoking and challenging. The play centres on four characters of different ethnic origin who are thrown together through the tragedy of war. 

In Act 1, each character has a solitary moment on stage presenting a reflective monologue. These monologues are spoken in the original language of each of the four characters; Italian, Vietnamese, Armenian and Farsi – thus emphasising a cultural divide which is later negated by the universal connection of empathy and hope found through their shared experience. Continue reading SHADES OF LIGHT @ THE HELLENIC ART THEATRE MARRICKVILLE


Due to public demand, Walk Now Productions’ MY CARER by Sam Cosentino is set to return this July. My Carer is a story of two families: one, apparently privileged and successful, steeped in the law and music, but unsettled by estrangement and depression; the other, an immigrant family, without privilege or the successes their adopted society values. On the night before Christmas, could the path to healing be laid?

The play had a very good response when it was first performed:-

“A tale of compassion and hope, exquisitely written and performed.”
“An amazing production, inspiring and intense.”
“A reminder to share the best of ourselves and positively with everyone."
“So many messages on life’s different challenges and how we cope with them, but in the end what counts is hope, love acceptance and forgiveness.

MY CARER [Facebook Event] from Walk Now Productions [Facebook] will play at the Hellenic Art Theatre, Marrickville [Facebook] from 20-22 July.

Cast: Maria de Marco, Helen Kim and Jacob McLean
Writer/Director: Sam Cosentino
Composer: Anthony Kable
Producers: Sam Cosentino and Jenny Ward