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SALVO is the story of a Sicilian mafia hit man doing his duty in eliminating enemies of his clan , and systematically going about killing his targets until he unexpectedly meets a target he simply couldn’t eliminate…a beautiful blind girl called Rita. Torn by his decision he took her to an abandoned factory, where he keeps and observes her, and soon a small miracle happens…

There was not much dialogue in the movie, in particularly by Salvo, and he didn’t have to, as his intense presence and performance were enough to portray the emotion and anguish of his transformation. Initially he was cold, crude and a loner, with very little or no attachment, to anyone or anything. But his fascination with Rita allowed him to start feeling and forming attachments that otherwise may not have happened. His attachment to a dog, his relationship with Rita and even his empathy towards his landlord against the overbearing wife.

The isolation of his existence became more apparent as he could not even trust or confide in his fellow clan men as he did not finish the job by killing Rita and even lying to his Mafia boss, set his fate. He truly had no one except Rita. And the inevitable happened, he was found out.  Salvo is confronted with the choice of giving up Rita to the Mafia or to fight what he believes in.

The film left the audience with numerous possible outcomes of what would happen to Salvo & Rita. But the end wasn’t that  important. What was important was the miracle that happened between two most unlikely people. Highly recommended, and although the film isn’t a chick flick, women will love it. I did.