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Michael Astill as Buck and Lauren Lofberg as Bonnie.
Michael Astill as Ted and Lauren Lofberg as Bonnie.

Seasoned theatregoers always find something to love in this crazy creative world of performance. Amateur through semi pro to professional, school concerts to Granny’s tap dance showcase. There’s always something unusual, exciting or unique to enjoy.

How unusual, exciting and unique though, to find a community based amateur show about which you love everything! BONNIE AND CLYDE at the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts is a cracker production. It’s slickly produced, really well sung with some terrific acting; it’s got a great set; costumes with purpose and brought together with intelligent stage and musical direction. And wigs … good ones! 12 by my count. Continue reading SMT PRESENTS BONNIE AND CLYDE : THE MUSICAL @ SUTHERLAND MEMORIAL SCHOOL OF THE ARTS


Rebecca Carter as Laurey and Eden Plaisted as Curly. Pic www.francisfotography.com.au

This production of OKLAHOMA is as up to date as Kansas City! Amidst acres of well-costumed colour, huge hoedown numbers and dream sequences, clever direction from James Worner also emphasizes the serious and sombre contrasts within this work.

On top of much comedy, lyricism and ambition relating to romance and gender roles, OKLAHOMA also covers the concept of the isolation of an outcast turned desperado. This extra layer fringing the top of all else is clearly presented by Miranda Musical Society.

Dark smokehouse scenes with a broodingly expressive Jud Fry are achieved in the using the reverse side of the Act One farmhouse set. This farm hand, often openly labelled as rough and different, has an out of control yearning for a wife and a place in the environment. The complex role is played with exquisite intensity by James Jonathon.

Continue reading OKLAHOMA