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Theatre  Time Sydney has been around for a long time as a meetup.com group for people who enjoy going to live theatre events. They are a passionate  group of theatre lovers.

Now the group has gone one step further and is funding its first production through a grant from Northern beaches Council.  The play is  ‘Kristiana from the Sea’ featuring an intertwining storyline and has been written by Australian playwright Emma Willis. The two tales intertwine as the playwright’s wife struggles with her bitterness at her husband’s cruelties. Although set in 1950s, the play’s themes reflect today’s issues and absurdities.

The play is.being directed by Roz Riley of the Factory Space Theatre Company.

The venue is Humph Hall 85 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights. Humph Hall is a church that has been converted into a community theatre.

The first rehearsal has taken place and things are on  track for the two show performances on Sunday August 23 at 3pm and
Saturday August 29th at 7.30pm. There will be a small audience attending the performances. As well the performances will be live streamed with four cameras being used to film the event. The price for a ticket is $20.

Theatre Time Sydney organisers Bryon and Maggy are keen for anyone interested in attending the show, to become a member of the Theatre Time Sydney group at meetup.com. Here is the link – – – https://www.meetup.com/TheatreTimeSydney/events/267134890

Here is the booking link to see ‘Kristiana from the Sea’ –


FOURPLAY presented by Factory Space Theatre Company @ Manly

FOURPLAY – Three innovative and adventurous short plays, by Suzanne Hauser, Sally Williams and Alex Broun, and then the Sydney Première of “Wellness: A social Justice Play” by Ella Arendelle. A throughly entertaining night of live theatre, very fast paced, and an absolute audience pleaser. ROZ RILEY has expertly directed her ensemble cast, providing the eight actors with multiple roles galore, in four delightful thought-provoking dramas.


(1) BETWEEN BAD RELATIONS by Alex Broun with additional evidence by Emma Willis:
An Obsession with Fame, and the importance of consequences, the magnificent Violin Concerto score that she dreamed into being. The handsome Violin Virtuoso with outstanding technical ability, who some six months later he finally performs the magnificent Violin Concerto, and then both instantly fall into lust, with multiple repercussions. So how can she be fully in love/lust with two people at the same time?
Witnesses called: Berthold, Cal, Lesley, Compton
Offences: Self-interest, Arrogance, Indecision

(2) RAIN by Suzanne Hauser:
An Obsession with Sex, manuscript filled with raw adultery and heartfelt morality issues all about a freshly impecunious married man and his mistress, and the multiple events that happen when his wife finally becomes pregnant. Of course the man loses all, but which of the two woman will win all, the mistress or the wife?
Witnesses called: Beatrice, Darrell and Alison
Offences: Lust, Deceit and Cowardice


(3) OPEN LETTER by Sally Williams with additional evidence by Emma Willis:
An Obsession with Death and with Dying, and the journey along the path to the end of your life on Planet Earth. Could the existence of a poison filled hypodermic syringe make any difference?
Witnesses called: Beatrice, Berthold, Cal, Compton
Offences: Secrecy, Betrayal, Murder

(4) WELLNESS by Ella Arendelle:
An Obsession with ‘Chocolate’ provides a life-affirming play about enjoying life, curvy women, and societal expectations for curvy women.
Witnesses called: Alison, Beatrice, Berthold, Cal, Darrell, Compton, Lesley
Offences: Judgment, Micro-aggressions, Ignorance
Presiding judge: Alana



Alana ( Multi coloured ) – Ella Arendelle

Alison ( Baby Blue ) – Lisa Stewart

Beatrice ( Brown ) – Rebekah Mowbray

Berthold ( Purple ) – Paul Chambers

Cal ( Red ) – Samantha Proctor

Compton ( Orange ) – Rohin Thompson

Darrell ( Silver ) – Kurtis Wakefield

Lesley ( Sea Green ) – Michael Barlow


Directed by Roz Riley
Production Photography by John Reeves
Production Manager and Sound Design by Lindsay Walton
Lighting by Stephen Dean
Technical Crew: Nick Adam
Design by Hecate
WELLNESS Original Dramaturgy by George Lazaris

Factory Space Theatre Company presents “FOURPLAY”.

Star Of The Sea Theatre, at the corner of Collingwood Street and Iluka Avenue, Manly.

Live on stage from Friday 28th June 2019 until Saturday 13th July 2019.   Friday and Saturday shows at 7.30pm with Sunday Matinee shows at 2.00pm

Running time 120 minutes, including the 15 minute interval.

No videos or photography to be taken during the performance.











Pompey Bum, who works for Mistress Overdone as a pimp, but disguises his profession by describing himself as a mere “tapster” (the equivalent of a modern bartender), avers to the imprisonment of Claudio and outrageously explains Claudio’s abhorrent sexual crime against a woman as “Groping for trouts in a peculiar river.”

“A PECULIAR RIVER” was beautifully adapted by Emma Willis, the author of the recent FSTC production of “An Unexpected Execution”. This dark comedy features a superb cast, and provides a fast paced and very entertaining night of live theatre, directed with style and panache by Roz Riley.

The source material for “A PECULIAR RIVER” is one of the very rarely performed problem plays as written by William Shakespeare, that is believed to have been written in 1603 or 1604, that for any audience, always needs to be adapted to make sense of the mess that is the raw script for MEASURE FOR MEASURE.

Claudio is arrested by Lord Angelo, who has been appointed by The Duke as the temporary leader of Vienna. Angelo is left in charge by The Duke, Vincentio, who deliberately pretends to leave Vienna. However The Duke has chosen to be a stalker by dressing-up as Friar Lodowick to observe the fresh intrigues and the machinations caused by his absence. The story unfolds concerning what will happen to Claudio.                                     Continue reading A PECULIAR RIVER

HOW I MET MY MOTHER @ Star of the Sea Theatre MANLY



World Premiere of HOW I MET MY MOTHER, provides a unique and thought-provoking and entertaining night of live theatre. Top-drawer ensemble cast, includes many of my favourite actors, everyone providing memorable performances, as this tight-knit family, becomes more and more dysfunctional.

Continue reading HOW I MET MY MOTHER @ Star of the Sea Theatre MANLY



This Factory Space Theatre Company production of Australian playwright Brenda Gottsche’s new play ALMOST NEARLY PARADISE was was expertly directed by long time director Roz Riley.

The night sees us take a journey with unexpected witty twists and turns. Much laughter is generated by the quick, wicked and entertaining dialogue with the highlight being some quite delicious one-liners. My favourite line was,  when one character says of another character, ‘he is unattached to the truth’.

The play starts off being about the inaugural meeting of a newly established book club with  four ladies gathered to discuss their first book.

Unexpected events occur as the first meeting starts with a raging storm with gale force winds taking place outside. The setting is a mythical island paradise on beautiful Pittwater.

Too much alcohol is consumed, hip hop rap ensues, and everyone has secrets worth spreading, and soon the night becomes a nightmare with dangerous revelations revealed by each woman.

Moreover, Ian Tompson, Australia’s 48th richest man, smashes his way into their ordinary suburban lives, late in the evening, with a large cash offer to the group that may just be too hard to refuse…

Will they keep money that has no strings attached? The auditorium and stage have been converted to provide an intimate theatre space, with an excellent well-chosen cast, and believable performances from all. Recommended.

Maree Cole as Ann Watson
Tara jay as Ellie Jordan
Melissa Kathryn Rose as Jenny Henly
Grace Naoum as Tiffany (Tiff) Sampson
Steven Menteith as Ian Tompson
Tadhg Scanlon as Sammie Henly

Friday 8th July 2016 to Saturday 23rd July 2016

Star of the Sea Theatre, at Stella Maris College, corner of Iluka Avenue and Collingwood Streets, Manly

Factory Space Theatre Company






ALMOST NEARLY PARADISE is the new play by Australian playwright Brenda Gottsche and is having its premiere season in the theatre space within the Exchange Hotel Balmain .

The play starts with a book club meeting with just four ladies, occurs during a raging storm, on a mythical island paradise in our beautiful Pittwater. Alcohol fueled, and everyone has secrets, the night becomes a nightmare with dangerous revelations revealed. Late in the evening, Australia’s 48th richest man, Ian Thomson, smashes his way into their suburban lives.  He makes them a strange and alluring offer, but they  have to be careful. Continue reading ALMOST NEARLY PARADISE @ EXCHANGE HOTEL BALMAIN

Factory Space Theatre Company presents CAMILLE @ Star of the Sea MANLY

The Factory Space Theatre Company’s new production at their home venue in Manly, the Star of The Sea theatre, is Pam Gems’ new adaptation  of Alexandre Dumas’ play CAMILLE ( ‘La Dame Au Camelias’) directed by Artistic Director Roz Riley.

This adaptation  of CAMILLE is re-imagined for the modern stage. Set in the 1840s this unforgettable classic bourgeois drama of the famous courtesan CAMILLE has comedic twists and enticing turns of plot, and an excellent music soundtrack. Beautiful Marguerite Gautier at the age of fifteen, her Marquis employer seduced her and becoming pregnant, she decides on the courtesan life as CAMILLE.

Continue reading Factory Space Theatre Company presents CAMILLE @ Star of the Sea MANLY



MORE SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE directed by Roz Riley, is a fresh new collection of short plays on these popular themes by a talented group of writers including Sky Yeager, Alex Broun, Emma Watson, Geneieve Mortiss, Micah Joel, Julia Lewis, Pete Malicki, James Hazelden and this year’s competition winner, Therese Cloonan’s Number 141.

A strong ensemble cast brings these vignettes alive including Karoline Rose O’Sullivan, Leon Kowalski, James Belfrage, Sandra Bass, Rhianne Evelyn-Ross, Neil Modra, Elly Hiraani Clapin, Robyn Makhoul, Katharine Marie Robertson, Rob White and Amanda Jermyn. Refreshingly different night out on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which will keep you talking for many hours afterwards.

All the pieces are linked by the Presiding Angel (Zephon), who takes over the beautiful body of a suicide victim, and then arrives back on earth, to find out how humans manage their lives of free will, with all the bittersweet consequences and all the existential angst that comes with it.

My pick of the plays was Diabolical written by James Hazelden as directed by Alison Albany, which had an very unusual take on what happens when you use public transport on a night out,  still with one unanswered question about the wife.

A Factory Space Theatre Company production,  MORE SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE is playing at the Star of the Sea Theatre, on the corner of Collingwood Street and Iluka Avenue, Manly, (located in the grounds of the Stella Maris College) until Saturday 18th October 2014.


Mitchell Cox and Laura Gailbraith in the current revival of Anne Devlin’s AFTER EASTER

Irish playwright Anne  Devlin’s exquisitely written, award winning 1994 play AFTER EASTER, directed by Roz Riley, is the Factory Space’s first production for the year.

AFTER EASTER begins just before Easter 1996 when Greta goes on a journey to discover her own identity, searching backwards and forwards in time, from thirty years ago up until the present day.

Devlin’s play is a contemporary portrait of Greta and her family. She finally finds her authentic self, a quest that is not achieved until the final scene which is set after Easter 1996. The audience witnesses revealing moments from each of the members of this unraveling family, allowing the audience to experience what these contrasting characters feel and think, such as Greta’s Marxist father, and what each family member regards as ”right” and ”wrong” in regards to the betrayal, love and death, the catholic religion, and the problems of Northern Ireland. Armed soldiers add danger and tension. We learn the essential place of these women, in the rebuilding of a broken society.

Roz Riley’s production stars Mitchell Cox, Ciaran Daly, Eilannin Dhu, Imogen French, Laura Gailbraith, William Jordan, Celia Kelly, Karoline Rose O’Sullivan and Ros Richards.

2014 represents the Factory Theatre Company’s 14th year as a professional theatre company, and its fifth year as the resident company at Star of the Sea.

Highly recommended, AFTER EASTER  is playing Manly’s Star of the Sea theatre  Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm, and Sundays @ 3pm. on  the following dates:- 12th and-13th April, 25th to the 27 April  and the 2nd and 3rd May. Tickets $35/$28 from trybooking.com or 94391906.


“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” – Jane Austen.

There is a fresh revival of Jane Austen’s 1813 novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, as adapted by Deb Mulhall, currently playing at the Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly.

Experience the magic of following the machinations of Mr and Mrs Bennet’s (Ross Scott and Jennnie Dibley) five unmarried daughters (with Rhianne Evelyn-Ross, Orlena Steele-Prior, AmyLea Griffin)  as the women are besotted by the two rich, eligible but status-conscious friends, Mr Bingley (Daniel Csutkai) and Mr Darcy (Andrew Steel).

The characters succumb in many ways to pride and prejudice.   Fourteen actors vividly create the experience of living in 19th century England, detailing the pride which would keep lovers apart, simply because of all the prejudices of the upper classes.

The director of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE successfully found wonderful Sydney-based actors, able to bring each of Jane Austen’s characters alive with charm, charisma, and wit.

The play does focus on class and money, and includes all of Jane Austen’s wry, incisive humour. This superlative and deeply satisfying adaptation, comically exaggerates the characters of Mrs. Bennet, Miss Bingley and Mr. Collins, and with Mrs. Bennet on the verge of hysteria.

Especially memorable is James Belfrage’s portrayal of the obsequious Mr. Collins.

Orlena Steele-Prior stunningly portrays Lizzie, showing her to be thoughtful, witty, ironic, passionate and tender.

Andrew Steel as Darcy has perfectly captured all at once, the complexity of the character, showing his aristocratic refinedness, his shyness and sense of decorum, his disdain, and his underlying passions.

Highly recommended, the Factory Space Theatre Independent Company’s production of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE plays at The Star of the Sea Theatre, Junction of Collingwood and Iluka Streets, Manly, NSW, until Saturday 27th July 2013.