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Once Upon A Time …

As part of the Sydney Festival FORGET ME NOT by brilliant Canadian maestro puppeteer Ronnie Burkett has currently inhabited Bay 8 at Carriageworks. The Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes has going for over 30 years now and the last Sydney Festival show was The Daisy Theatre in 2018.

FORGET ME NOT is set in a dystopian world , The New Now, where words are forbidden , and reading , writing or even possessing a bit of paper with words is now a secret act of defiance. And everyone is constantly under surveillance. For those determined to send or decipher a love letter, there is a way – but first they must undertake a dangerous journey to a secret site and find ‘She, The Keeper of the Lost Hand’, one of the few who still know how to read and write – for the ability to do this can now be punished by death. Continue reading SYDNEY FESTIVAL : FORGET ME NOT @ CARRIAGEWORKS