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Production images -Clare Hawley

It really isn’t going to be for everyone but I adored THE MOORS.  The black humour grabbed my jaded funny bone and wrestled in into a very odd shape.  Plus, weirdly, my typhus must have been acting up because I could hardly breathe in places.  It is a deliciously detailed production which, despite being non-sequitur free, is alarmingly disorienting and it’s ferociously feminist and with some remarkably troubling hits over the head with a Bronte.  And an easy to follow narrative … go figure.

It begins with a nunnunnunnah. And from there on Nate Edmondson’s audio design leaves no clichéd audio cue unreferenced.  It takes the horrible from horror with a score which interlaces plunks and a distant pipe strike and swirls of strings and a contrapuntal discordancy in places.  It never overwhelms and even has a bell motif that rings distant from a hillock through the fog!  Continue reading THE MOORS: WELL, I LOVED IT!

BULL @ Old Fitzroy Theatre

Production photography by Geoff Sirmai

Rowan Greaves’ production of BULL by Mike Bartlett suffers somewhat from having to use the fatigued set of the The Aliens, the current “main stage” production at the Old Fitzroy.

The set up of BULL is three employees await a meeting with the head of their company, at which one of them will lose their job, and the existing set distracts from what is supposedly a swish corporate suite. Continue reading BULL @ Old Fitzroy Theatre