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THE BOOK CLUB @ The Ensemble Theatre

Amanda Muggleton wowing audiences. Production photography by  Thomas Blunt
Amanda Muggleton wowing audiences. Production photography by Thomas Blunt

The Ensemble Theatre  currently has a big membership drive going for its resident  Book Club.  There is a great deal on offer…

For the price of a regular theatre ticket you get to see an entertainment put on that combines the talents of three very fine, talented theatre-makers.

Roger Hall is a master of the middle class social comedy, best descriptor would be New Zealand’s equivalent of David Williamson. He is the scribe responsible for the  svelte smooth THE BOOK CLUB.

The helmer is none other than Rodney Fisher one of Australia’s finest directors and the deserved winner recipient of an Order Of Australia for his services to directing and writing.  The theatre program indicates that Rodney has been adapting, polishing and honing this Roger Hall; script since he took it to the Noosa Festival way back in  2008.

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Inset pic- Anne Tenney plays mother Katherine Gerard. Featured pic- Anne Tenney as Katherine Gerard, Tim Draxl as Will Ogden, Jason Langley as Cal Porter and Thomas Fisher as Bud Ogden-Porter. Pics by Clare Hawley

There is a deal of courage in Katherine Gerard’s decision to knock on Cal Porter’s door during her latest visit to the Big Apple. With it she knew she would be confronting a very painful part of her past.

Katherine hasn’t seen Cal for a very long time, at her son’s memorial service. Her gay son died of AIDS, at the height of the epidemic which ended the lives of so many.

At the service Katherine was coldly indifferent to Cal. There was a lot of stuff around her son’s life that she hadn’t been dealing with. Continue reading MOTHERS AND SONS @ THE ENSEMBLE THEATRE

Judith’s Best Sets For 2014

The cast of The God Of Hell
The cast of The God Of Hell

THE GOD OF HELL- great raised set in a tiny theatre- Designer Rodney Fisher. Playwright Sam Shepard. Producer- Mophead Productions. Venue- The Old Fitzroy Theatre

This was a cracker set.  Traditional flats used to create the vestibule, boot room and kitchen of a farmhouse.  Unusually, a raised stage was used in this venue and this took the tops of the flats close to the rafters with no tormentor.  This really added to the rural, barn effect as did the rustic floorboards. Continue reading Judith’s Best Sets For 2014

The God Of Hell

Second Image
A scene from Sam Shepard’s THE GOD OF HELL. Pic Katy Green-Loughrey

With a guitar lick reminiscent of Ry Cooder’s theme for Paris, Texas, this production of THE GOD OF HELL sonically signifies that you are in Sam Shepard country and you just know that this isn’t going to be a happy heifer after story for Wisconsin dairy farmers, Frank and Emma.

These two cowpokes are the last vestige of independent livestock owners in the area, their neighbours all having sold out to the giant Agricorps conglomerates. Continue reading The God Of Hell