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The Rocks Pop Up Project: Jessica Bellamy’s Shabbat Dinner

Olivia Stambouliah. Pic by Weinstein
Inset Pic- A triple threat- charismatic, vivacious and gorgeous-Olivia Stambouliah. Pic by Weinstein Featured pic- Playwright and host Jessica Bellamy

The audience were treated to a warm, entertaining and educational work of chamber theatre with hard working local director Anthony Skuse’s  production Jessica Bellamy’s play SHABBAT DINNER.

SHABBAT DINNER, produced by the Rock Surfers Theatre Company, played as part of the Rocks Pop Up Season, a great initiative by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, which is seeing creative use being made of temporarily vacant buildings.

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The Way Things Work

Nicholas Papademetriou and Ashley Lyons in Aidan Fennessy's THE WAY THINGS WORK. Pic Zak Kaczmarek
Nicholas Papademetriou and Ashley Lyons in Aidan Fennessy’s THE WAY THINGS WORK. Pic Zak Kaczmarek

With one great shot of a furious Nicholas Papademteriou as the Minister, a copy of the national paper in his hand and with his senior public servant concernedly looking on, photographer Zak Kacmarek tells us the story to Aussie playwright Aidan Fennessy’s THE WAY THINGS WORK.

Fennessy takes us deeply into the world of incompetence, criminal activity and corruption in the public sector which through a public enquiry have come out in the open, causing the usual furore. Continue reading The Way Things Work


It's a lion's life. Side Pony productions THE PRIDE at the Bondi Pavilion. Pic Skye Sobejko
It’s a lion’s life. Side Pony productions THE PRIDE at the Bondi Pavilion. Pic Skye Sobejko

Side Pony Productions presentation of the Sydney premiere of their show THE PRIDE is  the Tamarama Rock Surfers (TRS) first play for the year.

THE PRIDE comes to Sydney highly regarded having received productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and with the Western Australian State Theatre Company.

In this quirky play,  Bruce is a lion who is weighed down by his impressive mane,and  is struggling with the pressure of renovations and taking care of his pride. He knows that time is limited  when James, his stronger, more handsome neighbour, starts peering through the windows admiring his home and his family. Such is the life of a lion.

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The Rock Surfers Theatre Company, between December 3 and 14,  is presenting THE HORSE’S MOUTH, Sydney’s only festival of autobiographical performance, at it’s home base, the Bondi Pavilion theatre.

The  Festival will  present six new pieces during the Festival:-

WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT by Nassim Soleimanpour

An engaging new play by a talented young Iranian dramatist

Nassim’s play plays between December 3 an d 7.

ALL MADE UP by Jimmy Dalton

Inspired by true events that are now utterly obscured, ALL MADE UP is a short, intimate experience for a handful of crafty souls

Jimmy’s play also plays between December 3 and 7.

ADO SAVES THE GAY WORLD by Adriano Cappelletta

This is billed as a meditation on love, finding the one and fighting for the little guy.

Adriano’s play plays once only on December 10


Part tribute, part confessional, a serious joke, rated R- SHAKING HANDS WITH DANGER-  a good show by a bad person.

David’s play plays between December 10 and 13.

THE WILD FINISH  by Monica Hunken

Monica squats and pogos with anarchist punks in old factories, barely escapes a knifing by neo-Nazis, hides in churches and is hypnotised in a paratheatrical workshop haunted by the ghost of Jerry Grotowski.

Monica’s play plays between December 11 and 14


The show features award winning performance artist Bron Batten and her 60 year old parents live onstage.

Bron’s play runs between December 12 and 14

THE HORSE’S MOUTH promises to be an intriguing, engaging and alternative Festival.  Ticket prices are very reasonable. Full price- $30. Concession- $15. Performance times vary so it’s best to check the site. For bookings 93650147 or  www.rocksurfers.org/horsesmouth.


Leanna Walsman plays Bivva Bray in Sarah Doyle's ANACONDA. Pic Damon Wilder
Leanna Walsman plays a middle class wife fearful of losing everything in Sarah Doyle’s ANACONDA.
Pic Damon Wilder

Writer/director Sarah Doyle sets the confronting tone of her play ANACONDA with the play’s very first action. With an axe the main character Phil Walker smashes his way through the back wall onto the stage proper.

Tough subjects need to be tackled in an uncompromising way. Doyle’s play stems from the sexual abuse and extreme bullying scandal that engulfed Sydney’s Trinity Grammar School back in 2000. In one of the more horrendous, perverse aspects of the scandal, students watched on as fellow students were violently sexually abused.

Years late, one of these assaults comes back to haunt the victim, the perpetrator and one of the spectators. In blind rage, the victim murders the perpetrator in a brutal knife attack. The victim- Phil Walker- is in jail, ready to plead guilty and face a long custodial sentence.

One day, whilst he is sitting in his jail cell, Walker gets an unexpected visitor. It is one of Sydney’s leading barristers, Matty Buttiker. He wants Walker to change his plea to not guilty, and run a self defence case. Buttiker has a special interest in the case. He was one of the students who looked on, all those years ago, as Walker was assaulted….

ANACONDA plays out as a four hander, featuring a strong cast. Simon Lyndon, who many in the audience will recognize from his extensive film work including BLACKROCK and CHOPPER is well cast as Walker.

Damian de Montemas plays barrister Buttiker. His journey is the most compelling as he tries to allay his feelings of guilt and seeks redemption for his appalling past actions.

Leanna Walsman was compelling as Buttiker’s wife Bivva Bray. Walsman, who made the international scene with her role as bounty hunter Zam Wesell in George Lucas’  STAR WARS: EPISODE 3, remains one of  our finest actresses with her strong stage presence and distinctive voice. Walsman plays a woman who had fought hard for her middle class lifestyle.  She fights Buttiker all the way to try and ensure that he does not get too involved in Walker’s case.

Rounding out the cast is Martin Broome as Tove Hegharty, a gay bar attendant who was a fellow student of both Buttiker’s and Walker’s, whom Buttiker seeks out for some counsel.

 A strong drama, well performed and directed, ANACONDA plays the Bondi Pavilion Theatre until Saturday November 23, 2013.