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Production images: Phyllis Wong

Now I really want to look up his paintings, said one young woman peering at her phone as we left.  Me too, I decided, DEAD HOUSE -TALES OF SYDNEY MORGUE: PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A CRIMINAL is such a bizarre tale of true crime.  It is playing at The Rocks Discovery Museum, just a stone’s throw from the old morgue and it is definitely one for true crime fans.

Despite the convict surroundings, this is a tale that comes close to our own time.  For the older audience, it has echoes of a youth and for the younger, it resonates deeply with the current climate around sexual politics.  It’s physically close too.  In a contained space, women, young women, are at touching distance and they are in danger.  Many words have been written about what makes true crime so popular.  Whilst there is no gore or bloodletting here, participants must accept the normally unacceptable.  Women in danger confronts. Continue reading DEADHOUSE: GRIPPING AND CONFRONTING TRUE LIFE CRIME