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1939 New years Eve, it will soon be 1940, and the music begins just one hour before midnight.

Phil Scott and Catherine Alcorn hugely entertain with their deliciously localised/improved lyrics with its music originally written/performed by Fats Waller, Irving Berlin, Cab Colloway, Phil Collins, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Prince, etc.

Experience a fabulous night of 1939 Kings Cross magical cabaret, fully entertaining joyride back in time. Most especially all the songs from the singers, who will not be born until the 70s and 80s and 90s. Continue reading 30 SOMETHING @ RIVERSIDE THEATRES PARRAMATTA


For the last twenty-one years, with over 1700 performances including regional touring around Australia, every year THE WHARF REVIEW provides incredible sketch comedy and witty sketch musical theatre. This year the show is called “THE WHARF REVIEW – CAN OF WORMS” always satirical, always merriment galore, and with very political parodies, meet your favourite politicians as they are often seen to be.


Including USA PRESIDENT Donald John Trump, Gladys Berejiklian, Dominic Perrottet, Kevin Rudd, Barnaby Joyce, Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie, Jacinda Ardern and many many more. Always fresh and topical, the current show now includes a timely reference to LISMORE.     Continue reading THE WHARF REVIEW – CAN OF WORMS @ RIVERSIDE THEATRES PARRAMATTA


Closing out an epic 20-year run, outlasting six prime ministers and countless political gaffes, Riverside Theatres will present the premiere of Sydney Theatre Company’s The Wharf Revue: Good Night and Good Luck, as Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott say farewell to the Wharf Revue from 26th-28th November. 

The stage is ready for their one last hurrah as the indefatigable trio reunite with their dazzling accomplice Mandy Bishop for one final victory lap to say good night and good luck to the comedy juggernaut that’s been keeping the bastards honest since 2000.  Continue reading THE WHARF REVUE BEGINS ITS FINAL SEASON @ RIVERSIDE THEATRES PARRAMATTA


On Sunday June 21st, Riverside Theatres Digital will present Ngaiire:Take Over, a special one-show only concert streamed live from Riverside Theatres in Parramatta. 

After Covid-19 forced the cancellation of her March Australian tour, Ngaiire is back and bringing her new music to a one off event on the Riverside stage. 

Known for her stellar vocal force, tight beats, boisterous costuming and big pop sounds, Ngaiire is a musical force of nature. Hailing from the Eastern Highlands and New Ireland provinces of Papua New Guinea, Ngaiire has a career that crosses genre and artform.  Continue reading RIVERSIDE THEATRES DIGITAL FINAL SHOW : ‘NGAIIRE : TAKE OVER’


BRAN NUE DAE has had a major revival on its 30th birthday , co-produced by Opera Conference and the Sydney Festival.

Jimmy Chi’s musical lovingly directed by Andrew Ross takes us on a road trip through 1960’s Western Australia , with music by Kuckles,the country-reggae-soul band.

It is bright, full of warmth and joy, exuberant and yet also has a dark underlay,  raising many social issues that are still around today regarding the treatment of Indigenous peoples. Continue reading SYDNEY FESTIVAL : BRAN NUE DAE


I Am Not Your Negro

Riverside Theatres in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) present THE POWER OF THE DOCUMENTARY – BREAKING THE SILENCE, a film festival curated by Emmy and BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist and author, John Pilger.

Pilger is renowned for his independent investigative journalism giving a ‘voice to the voiceless’. He has chosen 26 landmark documentaries from the past 70 years for the festival – films that made significant impact on audiences and shaping the way we understand and respond to global issues such as war, civil rights and propaganda. Continue reading THE POWER OF THE DOCUMENTARY – BREAKING THE SILENCE


Adelaide-based Gravity & Other Myths is directed by Darcy Grant and stuns in their new show BACKBONE at Riverside Theatres Parramatta, a mesmerizing blend of physical theatre/circus /acrobatics . It is a virtuoso performance of rigorous discipline , super-elite physical acrobatics . The company has been previously nominated for Helpmann awards. Continue reading BACKBONE: RIVERSIDE THEATRES PARRAMATTA


One of the best shows on in Sydney at the moment Packemin’s production of MISS SAIGON is both lyrical and chilling, explosively powerful and softly haunting .

Written by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, the team who brought us Les Miserables (and yes you can hear similarities in the score, which at times is quite operatic) this is an updated version of Madame Butterfly set during the Vietnam War featuring a rather operatic dose of lyrical romance, passion biting wit, politics and corruption. The show ran on Broadway, and in London, for over a decade and has had major productions world wide.

Set in 1975, during the last days of the American occupation of Vietnam, MISS SAIGON tells the dramatic, moving story of a young Vietnamese girl, Kim (Vivien Emsworth) and an American GI, Chris (Haydan Hawkins) whose lives briefly, magically intersect ; a moment that changes their lives forever, especially when they are catastrophically torn apart by war.

Under Neil Gooding and Ylaria Rodgers’s superlative direction with a very strong cast it is at times bright, bold and colourful, tightly choreographed and sometimes very visually dramatic. Technically, the production crew were excellent The set design (Neil Shotter) with its fluid scene changes from neon lights of the garish bar to bamboo textured slats, or wire fences for example, is excellent.

The Morning of the Dragon scene, with its HUGE cast (yes including a dragon and martial arts allusions) of the menacing masked army invading the stage with their guns and the red lighting is both thrilling and chilling. Continue reading MISS SAIGON @ PARRAMATTA RIVERSIDE THEATRE


Thomas E.S Kelly and Carl Tolentino in LINEAGE. Pic Maylei Hunt
Thomas E.S Kelly and Carl Tolentino in LINEAGE. Pic Maylei Hunt

Form Dance Projects and Riverside are currently presenting the production LINEAGE with performances that draw from traditional Indian dance as well as  modern dance, performed by Australian indigenous dancers.

The opening piece, VANDANA, is performed by Aruna Gandhimathinathan and Shruti Ghosh. Aruna & Shruti were both classically trained in India. In VANDANA the performers seek the grace of the Hindu deities, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswathi, Lord Hayagriva and Lord Guru. Their costumes are bright and colourful and their dance is graceful, energetic and enthralling. Their hand gestures and head and eye movements are subtle, precise and captivating. Their ankle bells create a rhythm and add another dimension to their performance. They are accompanied by beautiful, droning Indian music.

Shruti then performs a solo piece, KATHAK NRITTA, a very rhythmic piece of Kathak style dance. The complicated beats known as Rudra Taal (11 beats) and Teentaal (16 beats) work well with the dancer’s ankle bells.

Aruna’s solo performance, JATISWARAM IN BHARATANATYAM, is a more graceful dance accompanied by haunting and melodic Indian flute. The stage was dimly light, the backdrop was illuminated and the dance was performed in silhouette, – all together a sublime combination.

Aruna & Shruti performed a duet, YAHI MADHAVA, which describes a conversation between Radha and Krishna. It is one of the highlights of the evening. Radha is annoyed with Krishna as he has been unfaithful again, but Krishna’s dance, ubiquitous flute playing and deep love for Radha eventually holds sway and the couple are reunited.

After the interval Thomas E.S. Kelly and Carl Tolentino performed DARK DREAM. This is a work that explores nightmares where we are tormented by the presence of a creature along with a feeling of helplessness. Contemporary techniques draw on Thomas E.S. Kelly’s indigenous background to explore a haunted subconscious.

A DIP FOR NARCISSUS is Tammi Gissell’s interpretation of the myth of Narcissus. Tammi explores her sense of self and reflects on aspects of her life that influence how she sees herself. The use of simple props and dramatic dance movements encourage deep introspection.

WALKING THE PATH OF LINEAGE is the final work. Aruna and Shruti explore the world of rhythm utilising their respective Bharatanatyam and Kathak dance backgrounds. The dance utilises a playful calling and answer format. The special feature of this work is Prabhu Osoniqs’ use of and playing of The Hang, a modern Swiss musical instrument which works like a cross between a tabla and a steel drum. It looks like two large woks put together with a few holes in it and is played with the hands. It provides a wonderful melody and rhythm and amounted to a fascinating and sublime finish to the evening.

 LINEAGE opened at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta on Thursday 23rd May and plays until Saturday 25th May.