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It’s true. I do sometimes overthink stuff. Particularly about performance and theatre and the purpose and the possibilities and the methods and the …. you know. But since the death of Sir Peter Hall I have been craving words. Just words. Linguistic simplicity chosen with care and expressed without accessories. Not necessarily full ‘white room’ but close. Nor anything grandiose or intellectual but minimal, relevant, characterful dialogue that draws or, preferably, pulls in an audience.

I’ve come close, especially during the Sydney Fringe. Minimalism is how the Fringe rolls after all but tonight I found it. RIPE, presented by Mediochre Productions,  has scratched and soothed that itchy intellectual desire. And it took me by surprise, neatly hidden away in an abandoned office up on a third floor overlooking roadworks at the Fringe Festival Hub.

RIPE is a burst of skyrocket with a roman candle of a script, sparkler direction and cracker performances. Continue reading MEDIOCHRE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS NICOLE PLUSS’ ‘RIPE’