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The winning Primary School poem.


From Red Room Poetry, whose vision is to make poetry a meaningful part of everyday life, the winners have just been announced for  Poetry Object which is Australasia’s largest free poetry writing competition for students and teachers (Years 3-10). Poetry Object ignites imaginations by inviting young writers to create, publish and submit poems inspired by special objects.   

The Guide had the opportunity to get a little more background from Emma Rose Smith  who heads the project.

SAG:       Congratulations on the eighth year of Poetry Object.  The objects which the young writers choose are incredibly diverse, both manifest and shrouded.  I was very much taken by ‘Breathing Object’ which is delightfully obtuse and by Year 8 student! Why focus the attention of the poets’ work to an object rather than a theme or idea?

EMMA:       It is a beautiful poem! Continue reading POETRY OBJECT. WINNERS ANNOUNCED.