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Jetpack presents Rhinoceros (image by Patrick Moran Photography)
You hear something rumbling and thundering in nearby alleyway. It’s getting closer, it seems to be… trumpeting. You could have sworn it was a person just a moment ago. It charges past you, large, raucous, grey. You jump out of the way, and watch it fade it into the distance. If it weren’t such a silly idea, you would have said it looked not unlike a Rhinoceros. No-one else seems to think so. But then again, everyone else is also a rhinoceros. What would they know?

Ready for a wild night out? Join the award-winning Jetpack Theatre Collective for a breathtaking night of Eugène Ionesco’s absurdist masterpiece.

With Jade Alex, Madeline Baghurst, Robert Boddington, Rebecca Day, Emilia Higgs, Johnathan Lo, Madeline Parker, Kay Pengelly, Alexander Richmond, Julia Robertson, Cheng Tang and Luke Tisher

Written by Eugène Ionesco
Directed by Jim Fishwick
Produced by Aaron Cornelius
Sound design by Bryce Halliday
Set design by Kirsty McGuire
Dramaturgy by Clemence Williams

$25 General Admission
$18 Concession
$40 Rich Person
$15 Stampede! (Group tickets)
$15 Early Bird (Book by July 1)

7.30pm, 26-31 July 2016 at Kings Cross theatre, 244-248 William Street, Kings Cross.

For more about Jetpack presents: Rhinoceros, visit http://www.jetpacktheatre.com
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Cryptically, Performance Art which touches me always seems just slightly out of my reach… minimally but distantly un-understandable, despite how I strive for elucidation. Ergo, artists who create work which elicits a response in me, often appear to have secret knowledge. An understanding and a private world of which their creation is only an echo. Watching FEMME FATALE, the opening show of Old 505’s Freshworks Season, is 50 beautifully realised minutes of wanting to know more.

There is clarity and obfuscation in this space where three women await the audience yet don’t acknowledge or respond to the influx of viewers. They appear lost in their contemplation of their reflection in an evocative set . When the performance begins, we understand that we know them. Any good feminist knows Lilith, Adam’s first wife from Jewish folkloric tradition. Eve, the Biblical wife of Adam is also there. The other woman is Pandora, in Greek mythology the first female creation of the Gods. All are known for their misdeeds in leaving Adam, eating the apple and opening the jar to unleash evil in the world. Continue reading FEMME FATALE @ THE OLD 505 THEATRE