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As is often the case a great male artist will often overshadow the talents of his wife or partner.

Indeed, John Olsen is still pouring out works well into his nineties. In an ABC’s  ‘Australian Story’ Olsen lamented the fact that his art required a vanity that had no consideration for other people or indeed his own family’s feelings. 

Cementing the fact of her non recognition was the fact that although his wife’s works were well recognised by her contemporaries she refused to sell her work.

To redress this imbalance Valerie’s children, Louise and Tim Olsen, are staging an exhibition of their mother’s work at the Rayner Hoff Project Space formerly known as the National  Art School in Darlinghurst, her alma mater. 

Alas Valerie is no longer alive  to see this exhibition honouring her work.

The Valerie Marshall Strong Olsen exhibition will run from November 6 to November 27, 2021 at the  Rayner Hoff Project Space, Darlinghurst.

Ben Apfelbaum