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Ensemble Conversations, a series hosted by Ensemble Theatre’s Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry, has generated over 100,000 views since April.

If 2020 had gone to plan, OUTDATED would be opening on 30 October. So, on to plan B. Tune in to Ensemble Conversations this week when Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry is joined by the very funny Rachel Gordon and Yalin Ozucelik.

Ensemble theatregoers last saw Rachel and Yalin perform in Alan Ayckbourn’s incredible trilogy THE NORMAN CONQUESTS in 2018 and would, no doubt, be interested in what the pair have been doing since.

To tune into this latest Ensemble Conversation simply go to the Ensemble Theatre’s Facebook page.




The   subject of British playwright Tom Stoppard’s THE REAL THING  is love and the difficult terrain of the human heart.  Written in 1982 it was a  change in style for Stoppard who usually wrote very cerebral works .

In THE REAL THING Henry is married to Charlotte, whilst Annie is married to Max. But its Henry and Annie who have fallen passionately in . love. For Henry the main character, the question is has  Henry found love, is it the real thing?!

There’s also a sub plot which involves Annie who has taken up the cause of  Brodie an imprisoned Scottish soldier who has written a script which she wants to produce. Henry doesn’t offer any help , He thinks it is shite!  Continue reading TOM STOPPARD’S ‘THE REAL THING’ @ THE DRAMA THEATRE

Daylight Saving

Helen Dallimore, Ian Stenlake, Belinda Giblin, Christ Stollery, Rachel Gordon (c) Helen White
Helen Dallimore, Ian Stenlake, Belinda Giblin, Christ Stollery, Rachel Gordon (c) Helen White

The starting point to Nick  Enright’s DAYLIGHT SAVING is unexceptional. A forties something North Shore married couple, Tom and Felicity, are struggling to find time together. Tom, a high profile sports agent, is always travelling overseas to cater to the whims of his clients. He is about to head off again and  Felicity- nicknamed Flick- chides him, once more, with feeling.

Enright packs in  plenty of  ‘red herrings’, interesting plot lines, farcical situations, quirky characters and zingy one liners to keep audiences well entertained to a very neat finishing line.

This latest  revival of one of Enright’s most  popular works, first performed at Kirribilli’s Ensemble theatre in 1989, is given a  warm, polished, vibrant production by Adam Cook who was a close friend of the late, master Australian playwright. Continue reading Daylight Saving