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Majd Mardo and Josha Stradowski in Gewoon Vrienden (2018)

JUST FRIENDS (2018), original title Gewoon Vrienden, is a Netherlands TV film which is playing as part of the Queer Screen Film Fest and what a delight it is.  A romantic comedy, it is a film of perfect balance, the beginning hilarious, the middle romantic and the finale deliciously moving.   Featuring two terrific actors in the lead roles and a quirky collection of family behind them, it is a story of opposites and their attraction.

Josha Stradowski is Joris. Rich and unmotivated, he balances his time between riding his not quite a classic, older motorcycle to solitary places to play with his high-tech drone or doing a partnerless work-out at the gym.  Majd Mardo is Yad, a young man of initially indiscriminate heritage, obviously not from  Dutch stock, who has been a bit too heavy into the party scene in Amsterdam has returned to the family home in Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands. His balance in life revolves around his love of windsurfing. Continue reading JUST FRIENDS: ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCE


This image: Mena Suvari, Lena Hall © Blue Fox Entertainment
Featured image: Lena Hall as BECKS © Blue Fox Entertainment

BECKS is one of those films that will provoke long discussions over coffee after you see it at the Queer Screen Film Festival.  For, there’s a complex character and a stunningly real performance at the centre of a film that is heartbreaking in places and despairingly conflicted in others.  There’s behaviour that will divide viewers and had me shaking my head and tutting at the screen in between tearing up and being unable to look away.

The film begins in heartbreak.  “I’m single and I’m broke and I’m living with my Mom” leads to becoming one of those people … ‘Becks will teach you guitar’.

Mid 30s New York singer/ guitarist Rebecca (Becks) finds herself back in St Louis, a place with a small town feel where everybody knows your past.  Reconnecting with her mate Dave, she begins to play in his bar and develops a following for her lesbian folk rock music.  The breakup was with a hot lead singer who moved on to younger and hotter and Beck’s low key, soulful music is made even more affecting by being accompanied by the images of love lost. Continue reading BECKS: PART OF THE QUEER SCREEN FILM FEST 2018