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Tissues.  Take tissues to THE MERCHANT OF VENICE performed by Buckingham’s Company at the Pop Up Globe.  Shylock will reach down the centuries to prickle the eyes. Seeing the racism rampant and hoping that 400 years has made change, secretly knowing there is still much to do, will barb and water requiring a discreet dab of the visage.  And keep said tissue handy because, the biggest surprize of all, Portia will fill your nose with snot and eye with tears of joy and laughter.  This production is a splendid manifestation of social consciousness embedded in bespoke theatrical entertainment of the highest, most accessible calibre.

This MERCHANT OF VENICE ranges about the wide, authentic stage with slapstick and pathos, characters broad and subtle and that most onomatopoeic Chaucerian four letter word in direct contrast with the sublime poetry.  There’s so much to enjoy for any audience whether new to the Bard or steeped in the canon.    Continue reading THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: BIG NEWS ON THE RIALTO


The Pop-Up Globe reminds us about the words.  All those years between us and the playwright, yet the words still fight and plead their way out of the story before us.  Seeing MACBETH like this, seeing ten create an army, judging the weakness of a man who speaks out to us for justification of his crimes and the visceral watching of the death of innocents, speaks past to now.   Every aspect of the Pop-Up Globe experience brings us closer to the text where lessons about power and conscience lift from the story.

The building, a faithful recreation of one of Shakespeare’s theatres, has been erected at the Entertainment Quarter and four plays by two separate companies are being done in repertory.  Each has their own embracing of the original, The Dream is being done with an all-male cast, for example, but since this is Shakespeare it’s almost impossible to speak in terms such as ‘traditional’.  Continue reading MACBETH: THROUGH THE SENSES TO THE VISCERA


After performing to an astonishing 450,000 people in just two years, the world’s first full- scale temporary working replica of one of the greatest theatres in history, the second Globe, will soon pop up in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter.

The creators of Pop-up Globe, together with representatives of Live Nation, NAB, and Entertainment Quarter announced today that the world’s first full-scale, temporary, working, replica of the second Globe, the theatre Shakespeare and his company built and opened in 1614 after the first Globe theatre burned to the ground, will pop up on the Show Ring at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter. Continue reading POP UP GLOBE : IN SYDNEY IN SEPTEMBER