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This delightful Green Room Award winning operatic version of Oscar Wilde’s story first premiered in 2019.It has just completed a short season at the Playhouse of the Melbourne Arts Centre and was also available online.

Directed by Cameron Menzies ,Wilde’s story has been slightly changed, but it is still a story about how the Giant changes from gruff melancholy and bitterness, to acceptance, change and growth while also making observations about selfishness , integrity and position in society  .

The opera has an arresting score by Simon Bruckard and a great libretto by Emma Muir-Smith that combine to moving tell Wilde’s allegorical tale.We follow the story of the giant (Stephen Marsh) as he returns from a long visit to find his garden inhabited by boisterous , noisy children playing . Marred by his childhood, and wanting the garden all to himself, the giant startles the children away and installs a large sign No Children Allowed. The next day (Lucy Scneider) arrives with her fairies (Eliza Bennetts and Miriam Whiting- Reilly) to make the garden bloom and grow, in a delightful, rippling, bubbling trio, but something is awry. Continue reading VICTORIAN OPERA’S THE SELFISH GIANT