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Business Skills For Artists @ The New Theatre

Arts entrepreneur, playwright and teacher Pete Malicki
Arts entrepreneur, playwright and teacher Pete Malicki

It is the wish of many artists to make their living from their creative endeavours. In the full passion of youth it appears eminently possible. As time marches on and one hasn’t achieved a best selling novel, risen to the top of the I-Tunes chart, or received a commission from an Art Gallery, the hard practicalities of  life  mean that many people have to get a ‘real job’ to survive.

Forgive the indulgence but here is a personal anecdote that deserves retelling. This is going back a fair bit in time….It is my graduation ceremony from the University where I completed my Bachelor of Creative Arts degree. The ceremony has fallen about six months after the actual completing the degree. Continue reading Business Skills For Artists @ The New Theatre

(Extra) Ordinary (Un) Usual III – The Monologue Project @ The New Theatre


The third installment in this series debuted on Wednesday night at the New Theatre, with a host of new skits.

Created and produced by Pete Malicki, who finds his material in the everyday and the not so everyday, and weaves these elements of life into absurd, hilarious snapshots. Stories range from a demented office worker’s daily grind, to the sexually confused victim of a scam, these innocuous scenarios provide hugely funny results when given the Malicki treatment.

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MORE SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE directed by Roz Riley, is a fresh new collection of short plays on these popular themes by a talented group of writers including Sky Yeager, Alex Broun, Emma Watson, Geneieve Mortiss, Micah Joel, Julia Lewis, Pete Malicki, James Hazelden and this year’s competition winner, Therese Cloonan’s Number 141.

A strong ensemble cast brings these vignettes alive including Karoline Rose O’Sullivan, Leon Kowalski, James Belfrage, Sandra Bass, Rhianne Evelyn-Ross, Neil Modra, Elly Hiraani Clapin, Robyn Makhoul, Katharine Marie Robertson, Rob White and Amanda Jermyn. Refreshingly different night out on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which will keep you talking for many hours afterwards.

All the pieces are linked by the Presiding Angel (Zephon), who takes over the beautiful body of a suicide victim, and then arrives back on earth, to find out how humans manage their lives of free will, with all the bittersweet consequences and all the existential angst that comes with it.

My pick of the plays was Diabolical written by James Hazelden as directed by Alison Albany, which had an very unusual take on what happens when you use public transport on a night out,  still with one unanswered question about the wife.

A Factory Space Theatre Company production,  MORE SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE is playing at the Star of the Sea Theatre, on the corner of Collingwood Street and Iluka Avenue, Manly, (located in the grounds of the Stella Maris College) until Saturday 18th October 2014.



The talented Eliza St John gives a great comic performance in Pete Malicki's new play
The talented Eliza St John gives a great comic performance in Pete Malicki’s new play

With Pete Malicki’s V.D. (the work was originally a multi-award winning Short and Sweet piece) be prepared to spend an amazing seventy minutes of pure comedy magic, as you experience this witty woman’s endless cringe-worthy disasters, as performed by Eliza St John.     Continue reading V.D.