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Bankstown Theatre Company’s production of the musical OUR HOUSE is an entertaining, fun night at the theatre that has strong family values at its core. OUR HOUSE. features songs from British band Madness, who were prominent in the late 1970s and 80s, and through this the writer, Tim Firth explores love, family, growing up, responsibility and loss.

The musical follows the story of Camden lad Joe Casey who on his sixteenth birthday takes his dream girl Sarah on a date. Not all goes well and Joe faces a decision that will change his life. At this stage the story diverges into two parallel stories as we follow the fortunes of “good Joe” and “bad Joe” over the following seven years. Louis Vinciguerra is strong in this double role with subtle personality changes to portray the different characters and quick changes ensure the story flows freely from one side to the other. Tamana Rita with her sure, clear voice is delightful in the role of Sarah who skilfully reacts to the different versions of Joe. Continue reading OUR HOUSE. STRONG FAMILY VALUES FROM BANKSTOWN THEATRE CO