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This is sharply observed dark comedy about people maintaining their false façades. It is a a stunning script by Jon Robin Baitz containing an unexpected outcome.

The whole family is visiting at the wealthy Wyeth’s family home, located in Palm Springs California on Christmas Eve 2004. Daughter Brooke has just written a politically and emotionally dangerous memoir about her life, her parents and the tragic loss of her older brother.  Her memoir sends shockwaves through the family.

Polly and Lyman Wyeth are old-guard Republicans, highly regarded in old Hollywood circles. Recently released from rehab, Polly’s sister Silda, is also living with them, and is a politically active Democrat. Continue reading JON ROBIN BAITZ’ ‘OTHER DESERT CITIES’@ ARTS THEATRE CRONULLA

Other Desert Cities

Second Image
Lisa Gormley as Brooke and Deborah Kennedy as Polly Wyeth. Pic Clare Hawley

With his play OTHER DESERT CITIES, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2012, American playwright Jon Robin Baitz tackles some major subjects the most interesting being the fall-out that takes place, as it often does, when a brave soul, particularly one in the public eye, decides to put pen to paper and write a tell-all autobiographical piece.

I am sure that Mr Baitz would be highly impressed if he saw Mark Kilmurry’s current production at Kirribilli’s Ensemble’s theatre. The five member cast poignantly bring to life his very well drawn and easy to relate to characters.

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