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SINCE ALI DIED – Image Credit: Robert Catto

On waves of enjoyment the highly entertained audience responds and relates to Omar Musa during his show SINCE ALI DIED.  His gift as a performer is to put people at ease, to allow an audience a space in which to understand and empathise and to feel comfortable to respectfully disagree if required.  But if we have all been down to the servo on a hot day or done a bomb off the 3 metre board, each of us who meet in this space have arrived by different paths.  His path is what he shares in his exciting and engaging show, a crafted show with the power to gently educate without rancour or aggro.

Using poetry, first and third person storytelling and songs Musa will give an insight into growing up as a brown boy in Queanbeyan … his poetic homage to the river absolutely delightful.   Lyrical and warm yet beautifully expressed with a sadness for its loss of greatness.  For, this is a boy who understands greatness.  His idol is a black man who speaks his mind, who speaks of achieving and who was once lyrical and floating.  It’s an honest love as Musa bookends his work  in a Styxian boat speaking to The Greatest. Continue reading SINCE ALI DIED. SOME EXPERIENCES UNITE US