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“UNTIL is about the urgency I feel as an artist, as an African American…and as a resident of Chicago, Illinois. All too often we are faced with  a history…in which gun violence pervades our streets in the hands of both civilians and law enforcement. This abuse of power – and of gun control laws – leads to far too many eulogies of Afro-Americans on the news and in our hearts. Bu ‘UNTIL is also about how it is up to the community to come together…to try and overcome and to offer solutions.” Nick Cave

A turn on the phrase ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ or in the case of Black America ‘guilty until proven innocent’, UNTIL examines the complex issues of race relations, gun violence and gender politics  that fracture the USA and some other communities around the world.

Sydney is fortunate  that Nick Cave and Carriageworks have struck up a relationship whereby we have previously seen other examples  of his beautiful, immersive and thought provoking installations.

This is the most complex exhibition to date. It occupies almost the entire ground floor of Carriageworks. Continue reading UNTIL : A NEW EXHIBITION BY NICK CAVE @ CARRIAGEWORKS