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Halycon's Artistic Director Jenny Duck-Chong. Pic by Michael Chetham.
Halcyon’s Artistic Director Jenny Duck-Chong. Pic by Michael Chetham.


“A verbal art like poetry is reflective; it stops to think. Music is immediate; it goes on to become.” W.H. Auden

Each art has a language of its own that can ’speak’ to us. Poetry can resonant within us, its chosen words honed into crystalised form. Music, wordless, can stir, move, shake or provoke us. In song, these two powerful languages are synthesised, the poet’s and the composer’s voices intertwining, shining new light on the words while drawing out fresh musical ideas. Yet no one song or poem speaks in the same way to us all; our responses are as diverse as our human experience.

The songs and cycles in THE POET’S VOICE are the work of contemporary Australian composers, inspired by Australian poets and writers, who explore their shared understanding of our world, our environment and our everyday life with works spanning a period of almost 50 years. Features the poetry of Judith Wright, David Malouf, Michael Leunig, Ern Malley, Christopher Wallace-Crabbe and Andrew Schultz and songs and song cycles by Margaret Sutherland, Brett Dean, Elliott Gyger, Andrew Schultz and Katy Abbott Kvasnica, Roger Smalley’s Piano Trio and the world premiere of Three Malouf Songs by Gordon Kerry.

Artists: Jenny Duck-Chong mezzo soprano, Alison Morgan soprano, Ewan Foster violin, Geoffrey Gartner cello, Daniel Herscovitch piano

Tickets $35/$25
Bookings: http://www.classikon.com
Enquiries: info@halcyon.org.au
For more information go to www.halcyon.org.au

Halcyon’s concert THE POET’S VOICE will be performed at St Bede’s Church, Drummoyne on September 10 at 5 pm.

For more about Halcyon presents The Poet’s Voice, visit http://www.halcyon.org.au
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