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“In my own life I would have fucken pushed him!” It was like Lord of the Flies there at the end! Yet, eavesdropping in the lift on the way out, I also heard … “Guys. OMG we just let it happen!.’

Mongrel Mouth Theatre Company creates immersive theatre and they are damned good at it. UNDERTAKING is not their usual richly detailed and finely written work though. It is different: fringier; grungier; more explosive.

In previous productions one’s experience might have been narrative and intellectual. This is much more visceral. Not that it’s mindless or unchallenging; our host describes the show as “clever and curious”. It’s not scary either … until you get out and have to face what you have learned about yourself. Or others… Continue reading MONGREL MOUTH’S ‘UNDERTAKING’ : IMMERSIVE THEATRE AT ITS MOST QUIRKY



Mongrel Mouth's The Tree and the Bee
Mongrel Mouth’s The Tree and the Bee

There is a deliciously sweet and sticky treat for children at the Leichhardt Town Hall over the school holidays. Take the kids. Actually … let the kids take you. You are going to have as much fun sharing the honeyed adventures of THE TREE AND THE BEE as your little ones are. The show is immersive, active and engaging theatre where the characters and their sticky problem linger in the senses. It might even honeycomb nicely into that conversation you want to have with your children around the environment and their place in the natural world. Continue reading MONGREL MOUTH PRESENTS THE BEE AND THE TREE @ LEICHHARDT TOWN HALL

Mongrel Mouth’s LIKE ME @ Merchant’s House, The Rocks

Mongrel Mouth in Residence at the Merchant's House, The Rocks.

Confidential Patient Medical Record.

Patient Name:

It is difficult to ascertain a name in this situation. The patient is some kind of performance collective and refers to itself as LIKE ME. This is the pseudonym used for this document. The group is identified only by the colour which they have painted their faces. 9 entities identifiable.


Merchant’s House, The Rocks, Sydney

Date of Admission:

June 2015

Background to the Current Situation:

This group of ex patients has returned to the Treatment Centre and are treating the derelict building as their home. Nightly they are seducing ‘normal’ people into the bizarre and frenetic goings on in order to create some kind of cathartic healing.

Spreading themselves over the 8 rooms of the decaying dystopia they have illegally accessed the electricity to fire up the discarded LCD desktop screens to light the spaces. These screens have had their liquid manipulated into shapes and forms which are repeated and reflected in each of the sleeping quarters. Continue reading Mongrel Mouth’s LIKE ME @ Merchant’s House, The Rocks

The Age of Entitlement @ Merchant’s House

Some of the 20 cast of Age of Entitlement

I don’t want to give anything away about THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT but there is a huge amount I want to say. It is so unique and layered that I want to provide you with a fulsome discussion about the show and what to expect. But any descriptors might accidentally give the game away. Perhaps… working on the assumption that a review is about 250 words long, I could repeat the phrase, “You really, really have to see this show!” 31.25 times.

I’m not sure that will wash with the Editor. So here we go on a journey of vagueness.

The show is playing in an historic mansion, Merchant’s House, in the Rocks. Fine so far, I can say that. It is part of the Rocks’ Village Bizarre Festival 2014 and the Rocks’ Pop-Up Project whose initiative is to activate and re-imagine vacant spaces throughout Sydney. That’s OK too because I nicked it from the program. Continue reading The Age of Entitlement @ Merchant’s House