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‘The Making Of Sasha Fein’ by Rob Selzer

The next Second Stage reading by Moira Blumenthal Productions, a leading Jewish Theatre Company,  is Rob Selzer’s play  ‘The Making Of Sasha Fein’,. a stage adaptation of Anita Selzer’s novel ‘I am Sasha’.

For sixty years Sandy Fein has kept a secret, a secret he is determined will follow him to the grave. All that changes the day he buries his elderly mother and some of her old mementos threaten to expose the truth. At the same time, his grand-daughter, Aviva, persuades him to be part of her family-tree project and picks at the threads of his past as well as the strings of his heart. Continue reading THE MAKING OF SASHA FEIN BY ROB SELZER : A STAGED READING


Production photography: Blumenthal Photography

Despite the subject matter, THE MAN IN THE ATTIC playing at Eternity Theatre is not an angry offering but it is definitely not a conciliatory watch either.  It speaks in its own voice, directly to us.  Perhaps for some of the audience last night this play meant a great deal but my experience was decidedly Brechtian.  The play spoke of wicked things and, rational thought engaged, I was deciding what I would do.

It is late in the war in Northern Germany when Anna Moller finds a man at death’s door in a forest near her home.  With her husband, Hermann they take him to their attic, steal his wallet and nail the trapdoor shut. When Daniel wakes he is in a precarious situation as the Moller’s have discovered he is a Jew.  Conflict arises with Anna wanting to keep him safe and Hermann not willing to risk it.  When they discover that Daniel has a skill that they can use in the bartering economy of the dying state, Hermann becomes an entrepreneur in the Black Market.  Nosy neighbour Frau Giesling is also in for a cut. When the war ends there is even more scope for Hermann to make money from Daniel’s work and the pair decide not to tell Daniel the truth. Continue reading THE MAN IN THE ATTIC: THOUGHT PROVOKING THEATRE


Moira Blumenthal

For the past five years Shalom  and director Moira Blumenthal have co-produced a quality work of theatre for ever hungry Sydney theatre audiences. In 2014 it was Aaron Posner’s stage adaptation of Chaim Potok’s novel ‘The Chosen’ which played a theatre set up within Shalom College’s Educational Centre. In 2015 it was Arthur Feinsod’s ‘Coming to see Aunt Sophie’ at the Fig Tree Theatre UNSW. In 2016 it was ‘My Name is Asher Lev’, another stage adaptation by Aaron Posner of a Chaim Potok novel which played the Eternity Playhouse. Last year  it was South African playwright Victor Gordon’s ‘You will not play Wagner’ again at the Eternity.

This year, in an exciting development, the offering is the Australian premiere of a play by an internationally acclaimed Australian playwright whose work isn’t performed enough in his home country. The play is ‘The Man in the Attic’ by Timothy Daly. Daly’s play has a fascinating scenario inspired by true events. A  Jewish man is hidden by a German couple during the latter days of the Nazi regime. (Historical records indicate that over 11,000 Jews were hidden in attics, cellars and basements during the Second World War). Continue reading MOIRA BLUMENTHAL CHATS ABOUT ‘THE MAN IN THE ATTIC’