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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT in Cinemas from 2nd August 2018

This message will self-destruct in . . . and unlike those official 24 James Bond movies, the sixth movie in this Action-Adventure-Thriller movie franchise, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT the IMF Team is now hunted by enemy assassins and former allies, the movie contains four very dangerous elaborate set pieces, and has so many intense long-duration major action sequences with awesome realistic death-defying stunts, that easily allow the audience to suspend disbelief. Recommended.

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PIXELS the movie, you should only see this movie film in the 3D version, or the IMAX 3D version. Watching the 2D version, the computer games images are very flat, and look no better than when seen on computer screens in the 1980s, or when seen today on computer simulator versions.

This Adam Sandler comedy-fantasy screenplay is a full feature length 106 minute adaptation of Patrick Jean’s two minutes long, 2010 video-game themed short film called PIXELS.

The film immediately reminded me of the movie GHOSTBUSTERS.  Instead of killing ghosts, these protagonists, because they are nerd gamers, are able to kill the invaders’ video game characters.            Continue reading PIXELS THE MOVIE